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Re: Bootable Win w/ WINOS/2?

Dan Wellman (well… wrote:

: chandler howell (chand… wrote:
: : On 18 May 1995 15:56:56 GMT, Dan Wellman (well… wrote:
: : > When one purchases Warp w/WIN OS/2, is it possible to install Dual Boot so the system can boot either warp OR Windows? (assuming the package
: : is installed on a clean drive?)

: : It is, but unless disk space is a serious problem, I *HIGHLY* recommend
: : installing Boot Manager instead.  I ran OS/2 2.0 off of a
: : dual-boot, but have been Boot Manager ever since 2.1, and wouldn’t go
: : back now for all the tea in China.

: HOw does one do this?  I just installed WARP w/WIN-OS2 on my dad’s system and it didn’t really jump out at me how to install the provided windows on a separate partition?

Bootmanager isinstaled before OS/2.You’llneed to re-partion the drive.:(  
(there was a way with 2.1(1) where you _could_ add boot manager after the
fact,but it was quite a messy project.  FDISK (Os/2 version) will give
you the bootmanager stuff.


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Firenze Research motherboard

Has anyone gotten OS/2 working using the above motherboard (P-90 and SIS
chipset)?  Thanks.

Duane Hartge
The MITRE Corporation
7525 Colshire Drive
McLean, VA 22102

internet: dhar…

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HELP : Need information on CDROM Jukeboxes for OS/2 and IBM PS/2

I am looking to provide a CDROM jukebox system to work under OS/2,
LAN Server 4 and running on an IBM PS/2 model 95.

I need to provide LAN Access to CD’s for clipart, utilities, libraries,

Ideally the CD drive needs to be quad speed with XA and Kodak PhotoCD
compatability. Also I would prefer the drive to be attached to the IBM
SCSI-2 card and not require an additional SCSI card.

Does any one know of a make of drive suited to these needs?

Any help would be appreciated.

Kevin Bee

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HELP: Warp (Red) with Novell and PC/TCP v2.11

Newbie Question follows…

I installed Warp (Red box) and Bonus Pak Internet Connect on a system
currently running Windows v3.11, DOS v6.22, Novell, and FTP’s PC/TCP
v2.11 for DOS/Winodws.  The machine is a Gateway 2000 486/66 with Sound
Blaster 16, Matsushita 536 CD-ROM, SMC 8013 NIC, and 16 Mb RAM.

How can I get OS/2 to recognize Novell and PC/TCP?  Details?

: Shannon Thornton                       : U.S. Army Corps of Engineers :
: InterNet: thorn… : Waterways Experiment Station :
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OS/2 dvorak keyboard?

Does anyone know of a way to remap the keyboard to the dvorak layout in
OS/2? This is easy to do in Windows 3.1 using the Control Panel, but so
far I haven’t been able to find a way to do it in Warp.


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Are Buffers Used by HPFS?

        HI, I have a couple of quick questions that I hope someone can
answer for me.  I have been optimizing my OS/2 (warp) system, including
removing device drivers that I don’t need from my config.sys file.

        My first question is this:  I am using HPFS exclusively on my
system, so, do I need a "Buffers=" statement in my config.sys file?  The
OS/2 help does not say that Buffers are used only for FAT, but I seem to
recall having read elsewhere that only FAT takes advantage of buffers.

        Second, I previously had windows installed on my HPFS drive, but
I have since de-installed windows support and deleted my windows files.
I have since remarked out "Device=VDPMI.SYS" since it is used only for
windows (to the best of my knowledge).  However, I don’t know what
"Device=VDPX.SYS" is for.  Is this device used only for windows also? If
so, I’d like to get rid of it also.

        Many thanks, Thomas.


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Help! Can't get sound effects in Heretic 1.0 shareware

I can’t get Heretic 1.0 (shareware version) to run with sound effects under
OS/2 Warp (fullpack). I have a SoundBlaster 16 Multi-CD ASP.

Music plays just fine with sound effects disabled, but if I enable the
effects (using SETUP.EXE), the game stops dead after displaying "Loading
graphics" and "Init game engine". At this point I can press CTRL+Esc and
kill the game – no problem – or I can press CTRL+Esc and then dbl-click
on heretic in the task-list. Then the game actually starts to run, but
locks up hard after appr. 10sec (I can’t even press CTRL-ESC at this point.)

What’s going wrong? I’m using the settings defined in the README.TXT. I’ve
tried with no DOS devices loaded and an empty autoexec.bat, and I’ve tried
various combinations of the following devices and autoexec.bat settings:

C:\SB16\DRV\CTSB16.SYS /UNIT=0 /BLASTER=A:220 I:2 D:1 H:1

SET BLASTER=A220 I2 D1 H1 P330 T6
diagnose /s
sb16set /p /q

I have a feeling it should be possible to get sound under Heretic since
I have both sound effects and music under DOOM.

Thanks for any help,
Thorsten  (nordh…

Pls. reply by e-mail.

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Re: Which Warp package to buy?

T. Scott Thompson wrote, 19 May 1995 18:18:29 GMT:
: Note: OS/2 actually creates two Windows sessions by default.  One is
: for standard mode apps, the other for enhanced mode apps.  When a

OS/2 does not "create" these sessions until they are invoked, so there
is some overhead involved when starting the first enh or first
standard app.  There is also a "separate session" designation that you
can give to especially problematic or memory hungry win apps.  All of
these designations hold for what is called "seamless" windows sessions,
where win apps run on your OS/2 desktop along with your windowed DOS
and OS/2 apps.

Another designation is "fullscreen" windows, which is just like running
windows under DOS, but with the capability to swithc back to your OS/2
desktop.  Fullscreen sessions may be enh or standard, but starting
another fullscreen session of the same mode does not bring you back
to the already started session; it starts another session of that mode.
This is like the "separate session" designation for seamless sessions.
You can run multiple win apps in a fullscreen win session, of course,
you just start them from within that session (e.g., from program

Some apps do not run well in seamless mode; some do not like fullscreen
(most can run either way, with seamless being the preferred way most
of the time).  A major reason to run a separate session is for memory
intensive programs.  When a windows session needs memory, OS/2 gives it
out of its virtual memory.  But the windows session has no way of
telling OS/2 it no longer needs the memory after you close down a
behometh (if you think about it this is obvious).  But when the session
closes, all its memory is freed.  So, you run most little apps in one
common session, but your big ones in separate sessions.  You don’t
want to run everything in separate sessions, however, because there
is startup overhead (it’s like typing WIN PROGNAME at DOS prompt),
memory overhead, and you cannot share OLE or metafile clipboard data
between sessions (only bitmap and text clipboard is shared *between*
sessions, though within a windows session OLE and metafiles work fine.)

Clark K. Gaylord
Blacksburg, Virginia USA

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