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Laptop with Docking Station & Warp Connect ?

Okay, here’s one for the boss. We’ve just convinced him that there is something else in the world besides Windows and have WC running on our LAN. Now, he’s keen to get it on his Thinkpad 750C (I think — I can never keep these straight). This is connected to the LAN via a docking station.

Now, during installation on our other machines, I noted some pretty awful problems when we didn’t have our network adapter’s address set up right. How will WC behave if it’s set up in the docking station with network card installed, then pulled out and booted while disconnected? Will it choke when it finds no card? How does one deal with this?

David Demmer
Dept. of Chemistry, University of Toronto.

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Help with Cyberman 3D support in DOS games

  Well, I’ve got a total of about 5 games which support the 3D mode of my mouse,
but without being able to load the SWIFT device driver (mouse driver already
loaded it tells me…) I can’t use it as but a normal mouse.  Logitech wasn’t very
helpful, do they have an email address?
I tried disabling the virtual mouse device driver, which worked, but left me without
a mouse anywhere else.  IF anyone has gotten this working, please post or email
me.  thanks a lot!

Marty Kazmaier KSC, Team OS/2:  tamer…

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." —  Mahatma Ghandi
"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." —  Ghengis Kahn
"Communication is only possible between equals." —  Hagbard Celine

Hail Eris!

This post brought to you by the numbers 2, 3 and fnord.

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More useless HP LaserJet drivers

Imagine my happiness today when I downloaded some new HP LaserJet PCL 5
drivers. The ones shipped with Warp (30.443) have never worked with AmiPro
for OS/2. [After the first page, subsequent pages would have parts of the
bottom of the sheet cropped, usually just the page number].

Today I downloaded the 30.445 drivers. Removed the 30.443 ones. Rebooted.
Installed the 30.445 drivers.

What can I say? They don’t work. Almost but not quite total garbage output.
The first page came out OK. All subsequent pages had lines of text repeated
(and overprinted), graphs repeated and overprinted on text, well, simply a
horrendous mess.

I tried turning HPGL/2 off, ang after *one line* of text, the printer puked
on it.

The printer driver readme lists a US ‘phone number. (208) 396-2551
HP customer support. There’s a freephone US number for IBM support
as well. I wonder why they bother, since the USA (in general) is loyal to
Microsoft by comparison to Europe. In one of their stunningly bright moves,
the UK version of Warp includes in the box ‘phone numbers for Latin America
and all of the rest of Europe, but not, you may have guessed by now, the

All I can say is thank god for Adobe and PostScript. At least that works.

More details. I have AmiPro 3.0b rev 30.947 UK version. (I may try the
30.948 patch again, but my hope is low). Our HP LaserJet 4M Plus has
12Mbytes of RAM and is connected to a HP 9000 735 running HP-UX 9. I have
OS/2 Warp 3.0 UK with Win-OS/2 and TCP/IP 2.0 with 64092 CSD, running

Paul Floyd, Information Storage Research Group, Division of Electrical Eng.,
School of Engineering, University of Manchester
I don’t work long hours. They are all 60 minutes, just like every one elses.
p… Person 2 Person

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Sound Card for Warp

Does anyone know of a good sound card for warp?  I am planning on installing a
SCSI CD Rom drive in the future.  Should I get a sound card with SCSI support built
in or buy an Adaptec card in addition to the sund card?

Julian Weber
Happily Warped

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Extended partition HELP!

I seem to be STUCK !
here is my drives

I have 3 disk drives 320 ide,  540 scsi -1 and 660 scsi-2

C:  IDE       FAT16  320 Megs

D   SCSI-1    FAT16  540 megs

E:  SCSI-2    FAT16   primary Partition
 F: SCSI-2    linux??  Extended partition
 G: SCSI-2    HPFS     Extended Partition

When i use  fdisk /dev/sdb2 and change the type of my partition #1
(F:) from a 6 to a 83 then OS/2 wont boot because it is AFTER the
Linux Partition … WHAT CAN I DO ??
Should I leave F: as a DOS FAT16 and install linux on a fat16 file system ?
(at least os/2 would see it!)

Any ideas please … I really really hate to reshuffle all the
partitions around using tape backup and HPFS extended attributes and all
that !!!

Please email me if possible…   Thanks, Ed

** Ed March, Mt. Prospect, IL  —- ema…          **
**                                                          **
** 1 if by land, 2 if by sea, 4,294,967,296 if by internet  **

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"Odd" display problem…


  I have an odd problem with "some" of my windows display…  

  Some of my windows apps, Encarta, and a few others, seem to have the
strangest display problem I have yet seen…  I guess the only way to
describe it is in terms of a TV set…  Some of the images Encarta shows look
as if the horz. hold control (if this were a tv and not a SVGA display), is
set to one side of center.  The top of the image is pulled to the right,
while the bottom of the image is fine…  Sort of like the image were on
rubber and only the top were moved right…  Any ideas?????  This so far has
only happened under Encarta, until today…  Now it is happening on an app I
just downloaded…  All other aspects of the display seem fine.

  If I look at the .bmp files using the windows paintbrush they look fine.  I
took the offending application to another machine, and it runs fine, so it is
something on my machine…   Any suggestions would be really helpful…

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Fax setup … ?

I used the installation routine to install the fax software from the
bonus pack, but am not sure what to do from here. I created a printer
object/icon for the fax, but "select printer" options from my Win3.1 apps
don’t give me the option of faxing …

I had used WinFax Lite through Windows, and that causes my system to hang in
OS/2, so I thought I’d try the IBM fax software on the Bonus Pack…

Any help on what to do to get this straight? I imagine I need to modify
an .ini file somewhere to acknowledge the WARP fax driver ….  


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backup Disks

Hi All,

This is my first post to this group as I have just begun using OS/2 Warp.
Is there a way that I can make backup copies of my original disks? The
usual DOS diskcopy doesn’t seem to work, and I have not been able to
figure out a way to do this.  I intend to test the software on two of
my own systems to see which machine it performs best on, but I do not like
the idea of using the original install disks each time I do this. There’s
got to be a better way.


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How to Set-up TCPIP?


sorry if this got posted twice.  i froze in os/2 windows and had to
exit out and boot to dos and run from there to get this out.


i have a login command file and a script file from my internet
provider.  my question is: how to i load them into the ibm internet
connection software?  i can’t see how to setup a new session ibm
dialer session.  

the files are saved as text and are located in: d:\tcpip\etc (the
autoslip.cmd) and d:\tcpip\bin  (the dorsai.cmd- the script).  

a friend said to "call the autoslip from a command line or from a
prgram object to initiate the connection."  i don’t know what this
means in os/2.  can someone take me by the hand on this?

thanks in advance,


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Low Volume On CD Audio


i have a soundblaster 16 card and am getting very low volume on my
audio cds when using the cd player that came with warp.  i noticed
that when i installed the bonus pack the audio was booming.  but,
when i crank the volume up completely on the cd audio i can barely
hear the music.

thanks in advance,


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