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FixPak for Warp installation

        I have applied FixPak 5 to OS/2 Warp, but, upon reboot when the Fixpak
installation would usually update files locked at the time of initial installation,
I get an error message from FixPak, stating that there is insufficient free
disk space to update the locked files.
        I think there is sufficient space. On the drive from which OS/2 boots,
I have 65MB free. On the other disk, on which boot manager is installed but
no other OS/2 components, Stacker for OS/2 is installed: on the original
unstacked disk, there is 22 MB free, and on the corresponding stacked disk,
there is 170MB free.
        Why am I getting this error message, and how can I correct the
problem and complete the installation of the FixPak?

Robert Dawson

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SCSI drive remapping w/ external drives

I am having trouble with the following setup.  I have a machine with
an adaptec 1740 EISA controller with:
ID 0
   1 primary partiton (dos/win)
   2 logical partions (OS/, NT)

ID 1
   1 primary

ID 6
   4 gig tape

ID 2,3,4,5
   External drives w/ 1 primary partitoin each

The system boots fine when the externals are off, but when I turn
them on, the boot gets to the "basdev=ibmscsi.dmd" then remaps the
external primarys over the internal logical boot drive.  This, of
course, won’t do.  The externals are "walking" drives (they go from
computer to computer), and there are never the same number of drives
from day to day.

Is there a way to keep os/2 from remapping my drives like this,
*without* making the externals into logical partitions?

I havent been loading the os2aspi drivers…Is this the key?

ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

Marshall Herington – gt08…

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OS/2 Setup question – 32BFA in WFW

   Hi All,

  I’m using OS/2 Warp on my P5-90 w/ 32megs of ram, and had a couple of
questions that I thought someone here would be able to answer.

  1)  How can I force OS/2 to allow 32bit disk access and file access (or
at least file access) in Windows for Workgroups?  I’m using Western Digital
IDE hard drive, and this necessitates the use of the "Fastdisk" driver
provided by WD.  I’ve seen another machine with a line for a IBMINT13.I13
driver listed, and have noticed that INT13 is used by windows for 32bda.
  Do I need a similar driver?  Would WD have this or should I approach IBM?

2)  I have a Teac CD-55A CDROM drive, and I’ve been hoping that someone
here has had some experience setting one of these up in warp.  I’ve
downloaded the warp driver, but it does not recognize the drive.  I’ve
also have a Creative Labs Omni-CD connected to an AWE32, and this drive
works fine.  the CD-55A works fine in dos, but only if it is connected
to the Teac interface, it will not work with the AWE32 as advertised.  
Suggestions?  Teac tech support has been less than helpful.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

Please email responses to:  seabr…

Pete Seabrook

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Help: has anyone successfully installed warp with Diamond speedstar 64 PCI card?

Hi. I’ve been had hell of a time trying to install Warp with Diamond
Speedstar 64-bit PCI card. I also have a MAG DX15F monitor and a Micron
P90 Powerstation.
The installation recognized my video chip as CL 5434 without a problem.
But when I selected either default monitor setting or ran "ssmode.exe"
utility file that came with the card, the screen goes crazy and the system
crashes.  When I try "ssmode.exe" I use "ssmode.exe monitor,"
which is supposed to customize video setting for my monitor.
I talked to IBM and Diamond tech support but they don’t seem to know
a solution.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Help! Reveal sound & sony 33a CD

I have been getting the error cannot find CD line 58 during my attempts to install OS2.
After searching around I found the warp fix 5 and installed. Same problem. Found an article
indicating this was a hardware problem and I should change a jumper at the back of the
CD. There is no jumper at the back of the CD. I am trying to install the old version using my CD
since I have the bonus pack and that is the only way to install it. I was able to install by creating the disks
but still no CD, sound card appears to be working correctly. If some one could give me some info
it would be appreciated.

Reveal SC400 software
sound card is recognized
wfd5 installed
Sony CDU-33A-01

If the puchase of a new CD drive is the answer please advise as to most compatable 2X IDE.


                                        Mark McDermott

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In <3v5qcb$…>, bibbi…@user1.IS.NET (Bob Bibbings) writes:

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>Has anyone experienced any problems with the Sound Blaster 16 SCSI-2
>interface and a CD-ROM drive, in particular the NEC CDR-210?

>They worked fine under v2.1.  IBM has NO explanation as to why they won’t
>work under WARP.  I was originally trying to load OS/2 Full Pack from an
>upgrade CD and it just wouldn’t work.  They finally suggested I create
>the installation disks and install from diskette.  After procrastinating
>for two months, I finally took the plunge this past weekend.  It
>installed fined, but wouldn’t install SCSI or CDROM support.

>If it worked under v2.1, why not WARP?!?!?  I don’t want to buy a new
>SCSI card or CD-ROM drive.


>  Bob

>                        Marietta, Georgia, USA
> bibbi… | and remember…. "We are the people our parents
>       SCHWEEET!!      | warned us about!" – Jimmy Buffett

I found similar problems with the plextor 4 X and reboot during setup
with my reset switch rather than ctrl-alt-del and it finds the drive.
I have also pulled it off by a total power down. I still don’t know why it works
out that way.

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Help! OS/2 Warp Can't See my Modem on Com2

I can’t seem to access my modem in OS/2 (Warp).  
Everything still works ok in true Windows w/dual boot.

I only have 2 com ports: 1 & 2.
My modem is on 2.
Using standard irq, address settings.

What’s going on?  It’s driving me crazy!


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WIN-OS/2 question

 Hello All,

I’ve got another round of questions for any who are willing to take the
time to help a poor soul.

1)  I’ve been a Windoze user for a while now (i know, i know, windows
has its’ faults), but anyway, I’ve become pretty familiar with my
windows .INI files, and i edit them manually on a regular basis
for installing certain software.  Since installing Win-OS/2 however,
I am unable to edit the actual files that Win-OS/2 loads.  Even wen
(oops: when) I am not running in os/2, when windows loads, it seems
to be loading from another source.  What files do I need to edit to
change windows’ loading habits?  How can I force os/2 to recognize
any changes I make.. or at least have windows boot normally when os/2
is not running, and boot Win-os/2 the rest of the time?

2)  I’ve been installing PC-Support for the AS/400 here at work,
and I was attempting to install PC-Support for OS/2, the software
fails when It says that I require a "Communications Manager for OS/2"
is this software that must be purchased for IBM, or should it be included
with either the AS/400 or OS/2?

3)  How does OS/2 handle Windows for Workgroups, using the Microsoft
Network support included with WFW?  Will it support those functions?
Normally?  Any advice here?

   Thank you all very much for any help you are able to give.

Email to seabr…

Thanks again.
Pete Seabrook

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Can you run Warp and Win95 on the same computer?

I want to run Warp and Win95 on the same system, but was told that it is not
possible.  Anyone know if this is true…any and all help appreciated.  Thanks.

                                                            Eric Garcia

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Trust 16bit soundcard, Aztech clone, os2 problems

Can anybody offer any help regarding getting a Trust ‘Sound expert de luxe
16 plus’ card to work under os/2 & Seamless windows?

I have spent some time trying to pursuade this beastie to play ball using
the Soundblaster drivers included with Warp but to no avail. It will work
with os/2, after dual booting windows but not at all with seamless
windows. Perhaps I could load the drivers via a dos session(untried) but
it is annoying to receive a ’16bit sound card not detected’ every time you
start a seamless session and then still not have any sound.

I was recently pointed in the direction of the file via Ibm on
their BBS, as the soundcard appears to be an Aztech clone/OEM board
under the Trust name. This file also appears as in the
os2/drivers section of some os/2 ftp sites. The trouble is I can’t seem
to pursuade this to work either, it is supposed to allow you to use
sound galazy drivers from Warp.

Is there anybody who’s got this to work successfully? Some pointers or
note of the correct install proceedures/parameters etc would be most

David Scammell

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