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CONFIG.SYS does not load ibmint13.i13 on Compaq LTE5300 install.

The LTE5300 is a notebook. I am trying to use Remote Install in Warp 4 to
install Warp on it. It has an SMC8020 PCMCIA modem which will not install,
but since I get this message, I thought I would investigate it first.

If anyone has any idea what this is about, I would be very appreciative.


Michael Oliphant

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Can't Install OS/2

After having OS/2 successfully installed for about a month, I did some
re-partitioning to move OS/2 to a primary partition and when I tried to
re-install things aren’t working.

I have three primary partitions (Boot Manager, FAT32 Win95, and hopefully an
HPFS OS/2 one again).  I go through the first part of the install where it
formats the partition copies files over and then reboots.  It’s boots up
OS/2, creates the desktop objects, starts up the install program
(install.exe) and freezes.  I can’t do anything at this point except
ctrl-alt-del which causes the "Now Rebooting" message but the system locks
up and it doesn’t reboot.

HELP!  Carbon Copies to Email are GREATLY appreciated!
Jordan Reed

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Fixpack refuses to install

I’m trying to install FixPack 4 (I had the same problem with FP3),
but the Corrective Service Facility refuses to let me install anything.
It doesn’t matter if I install from floppies or the hard drive.

I followed all the instructions in the readme for deleting the various
files – it helped me get past one blocking point, but now I have
something even more enigmatic stopping me.  I run the install, it
scans my hard drives for a long time, and then it reports:

An error occurred while searching for files to update. The reason may be old or corrupt CSF logfiles, CSF_SEL.000 file, or file system corruption. See README file for more information.

I don’t have any CSF*.* files ANYWHERE on any of my harddrives.  The readme
has no useful information.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Timur "too sexy for my code" Tabi, ti…
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OS/2 Programming page:

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OS/2 and HP Printers (HP670C)

Hi there folks!

Is it me, or are we getting less support from HP?
I’m planning on replacing my HP510 with a HP670C, but according to the
OS/2 Device Driver site there are no drivers for that printer.
The product sheet on the HP server gives me a strange feeling, because
some things are different for DOS and Windows (resolutions and speed).
A little voice in my head (no I’m not crazy) tells me this sounds like a windows-
printing system thing. (I had one for a couple of days, then sold it ’cause
it didn’t work under OS/2)
I DO see printer drivers for the 660C, but I read about problems with that one
in the newsgroups.
What should I do? I can buy a 670C pretty cheap, or I can buy a second hand 660C,
also pretty cheap.
Or should I just switch from HP to Epson. (I read they have fairly good driver support
for OS/2)

Tell me…

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In <623ubu$…>, p… (Philip Kartsonis) writes:

>Just installed FP4 and now when the computer boots up the system won’t load
>caspi.sys unless the Scanner is on, is there any way around this?

I had the same problem with FP3 (which is where I’m still at, BTW).  I was told to
replace the new AHA152X.ADD driver with the old one in the archive.  I’m also
using the old OS2ASPI.DMD, but it may not be necessary (I backed that one out
first and keep forgetting to "fix" it.  Since it works fine I’m in no big rush.

If you’re using a different SCSI driver, I can’t say for sure, but see if they gave
you a new and "improved" version.  If so, back out and see if the problem
goes away.




>Philip Kartsonis
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SiS 6205 video Drivers?

I just installed Warp 3.0 on a machine at work after the boss started
complaining about how often Win95 crashes, but I can’t get more than
16 colors on a basic VGA screen. It won’t give me the option to try
more. Where can I find the drivers for this video chip? (i’m in Taiwan
and havn’t run OS/2 for almost 2 years becuase of that)

Thanks in advance.

Please reply at white…

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Help tuning up IAK for Xfree86os2

Could someone e-mail (please only e-mail) the missing line\lines?
Checkinstall.cmd reports a correct setup.
Config: Xfree86os2 ver 3.31, os/2 warp3.0 fixpack 17, iak
Thanks for any help

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HP5SE Scanner on Warp4?

I run OS/2 warp4 and NT4 on the same machine. I recently purchased the HP5SE
scanner. When I went to install the software for it, I was informed that the
scanner does not support OS/2. Booting to NT, I again attempted an install.
Once again, I was told by the install program that NT is not supported! Does
anyone have the hp5 scanner operating under os/2 version 4, and if so how did
you do it?


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Requester Errors

hello all,

just installed OS/2 Warp 4.0 on a old 486.  everything is working well
except the file and print client.  i’ve got tcp/ip up and running and can
see the our local lan and the internet but whenever i try to browse the
network via the file and print client, i get an error which instructs me to
check the cable.  i would think that if the cable is malfunctioning, i
should not be able to see anything via tcp/ip.

i’ve installed the following protocols:
ieee 802.2

other os/2 machines have no problem browsing the network with similar

any thoughts as to what might be broken would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance.

dan schwartz

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