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Re: More problems with Warp 4 (45 days demo)

**I was planning on buying the system anyway, but I would like to have
**this demo version installed in the meantime so I could start working
**right away.

**I’m not asking for a "crack" or anything – not for the 45 days
**limit, anyway – but it WOULD be nice to be able to get around THIS
**particular problem.

**Any hints will be greatly appreciated!

If you are using diskettes to boot from, there may be something
written to them that sets the date. Make new ones?

Maybe you could try this:

I like to think that IBM is smarter than this <grin> but some programs
that have time limits can be fooled if you set the date to 1999 and
install it. Set the clock back to normal and it will run until that
1999 date, plus the usual demo time. :-)

Worth a try?


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IDE Question

Hi guys,

I did change my system to an all SCSI system, and I would like to know what driver(s)
I can REM from the CONFIG.SYS

Thank you in advance

Merci a l’avance


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Grolier Encyclopedia

Hi guys,

Every time I try to use this encyclopedia, the program start perfectly, but when I
try to get anything (text, Picture, sound,…), the program tell me that I do not have
sufficent resource. The problem occur ever since I add memory, from 32Mb to 64Mb

Thank you in advance

Merci a l’avance


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DOS Session advice – setup USNF?

Sorry if this is covered in a FAQ somewhere; if so, could you point me to it?  I am having problems running US Navy Fighters in a full screen DOS session under Warp 4.  The DOS session can’t load the program, and it goes "Unhandled exception:  Access Violation" with a bunch of values following; all of these are equal to "h":  EAX< EBX, ECX, IBX, EDI, EDI, EBP, DS, ES, FS, GS.  Also, FFLAGS=h and cs:etp=h:h and ss:esp=h:h.  To top it off, upon entering anything with the keyboard, I then get a SYS3176.  This is a problem, as it prevents me from goofing off with the game.  Any help appreciated.
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I’m trying to reinstall MWAVE on a Thinkpad 755CD following a change of HD.

There are two diskettes for MWAVE for OS2. The Setup program is supposed to
prompt you for a disk change. But it does not. It just exits after
transferring the files from the first diskette. Nothing will induce it to
continue. The result is a partial — and totally useless — installation.

The same thing happened to me last year with an ISA Multimedia Modem. I tried
to move it to a machine with Warp 4 on it and the install failed every time
after the fist diskette. IBM merely said that they did not support Warp 4,
only Warp 3.

In fact, it runs perfectly under Warp 4, but I have always installed under
Warp 3 and then upgraded the OS later. So we are talking about some small
installation anomoly here, not a real incompatibility. And I do know about the
configo.exe problem and Warp 4, but there is no configo on the Thinkpad
version of MWAVE.

Does anyone know how to get around this problem with installing MWAVE on


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3.1G Hard disk for OS/2 Warp

Anyone knows of a way to get OS/2 Warp 4 to work with a 3.1G hard
disk?  It works with a 2.1G but not a 3.1G.  I believe it has to do
with a limitation of the number of cylinders for the hard disk.

I don’t have any good solutions, though.  Anyone can help?


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XFree86 & ATI M64

Hi there, if someone with a video card similar to this one:

First video: Super-VGA
        Chipset: ATI 264CT (Port Probed)
        Memory:  2048 Kbytes
        RAMDAC:  ATI Mach64 integrated 15/16/24/32-bit DAC w/clock
                 (with 6-bit wide lookup tables (or in 6-bit mode))
                 (programmable for 6/8-bit wide lookup tables)
        Attached graphics coprocessor:
                Chipset: ATI Mach64
                Memory:  2048 Kbytes

has sucessfully installed XFree86, could you please tell me what your
"ModeLine" line in XConfig is? i.e.:

ModeLine "1024x768i" 45 1024 1048 1208 1264 768 776 784 817 Interlace

I’d like to run X in 1024×768, my monitor supports H: 30-66KHz, V:
50-110KHz.  Any helpful comments are greatly appreciated!  Thanks!



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ATAPI ZIP-Drive and WARP 3 ??


Does anybody know how to make it work ??


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Upgrade or not?

Short question:
I have Warp 3, no fixpacks, on a P90 with 48 MB of RAM.  Is the upgrade
to Warp 4 worth it?  I can get it for ~$50 or so.

Longer stuff:
Do I loose anything going to the newer version?  I am interested in it
for its further integration with ‘stuff’, like windows and java, etc…
Is the LaunchPad as functional as in Warp 3?  Is the whole OS as stable,
or, better yet, more stable?

One reason I am interested in the whole thing, also, is the Win32-OS/2
project.  It seems to have lots of potential, and, if successful, I
might have a chance at running new apps on something non-MS.

What kinds of upgrades, etc, are immediately needed upon installation?
Newer netscape?  Newer Java (which I don’t use anyway…)?  TCP/IP

What do you think?  Is warp 4 better than warp 3?



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Re: Netscape and printing

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997 11:36:33 -0500, Mike

Goldsbury wrote:
:>Svein Sandersen wrote:

:>> I wonder if you have the same experience when
printing documents from
:>> Netscape:
:>> First page prints ok, but when starting on
second page, the ‘header’
:>> (name of page to the left and the URL to the
right) is being printed
:>> on the same line as the text in the document.
This happens every time,
:>> except in those documents having a lot of emty
:>> When printing from IE 3.02 from WIN-OS2 the
formatting always is
:>> correct.
:>> I really don’t like to HAVE to use IE instead of
Netscape/2 to get the
:>> printing correct, but till now I have no other
:>> I don’t think this is related to my printer, but of
course I could be
:>> wrong!
:>> I am using Canon BJ-200ex.
:>> This happens even if I try different drivers
(omni, Canondrv)
:>> I think it is strange that Netscape not can fix
such a problem.
:>> I can’t be the only person having this annoying
:>> Is it something in the setup I forgot to check?
:>> Please help!!
:>> Svein Sandersen
:>> Skien, Norway
:>> ——————-
:>> I am using OS/2 Warp 4, because I love to have
a choice!
:>If you ever get a fix let me know. Same thing
with a panasonic KX-p1123
:>and omni.drv
:>Mike Goldsbury

Same here on the BJ200-ex as well, which I have
also notcied since installing the bi-directional driver
is performing like a dog under win-OS/2.
My question is how to remove the bi-directional
driver I installed to speed up printing in OS/2. This,
unfortunately, had a very limited impact and has
buggered the print quality under win-OS/2.
Thanks to anyone who may be able to help.
Patrick Briscoe
os/2 Worshipper
*NB: please send email reply to:

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