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Re: Tranferring System to New Hard Disk — Possible? – Resized.GIF (0/1)

Then it blows up when I try to send the message once I attach the files…

Wonder how soon they’ll fix this?


Derek W. Keoughan, Finnegan Software, Inc.      416-266-0333 phone
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Scarborough, Ontario, Canada                                    416-266-0097 fax
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Re: Tranferring System to New Hard Disk — Possible? – Resized.GIF (1/1)


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MMOS2 & Toshiba 220CDS

I’m trying to get MMOS2 (Warp 4) to work on my Toshiba 220 CDS. (Yamaha
chipset). Selective Install thinks I have and SBPro and a Crystal 4231.
(Doesn’t work). I do have the correct drivers from Toshiba and they do work.

Here’s what I’ve tried and what happened:

Chose defaults and installed SBPro & Crystal drivers and MMOS2 via Selective
Install (double checked irq and port settings to match those set in system
bios). No errors on boot up, but no work either.

Installed SBPro alone. Same result.

Same for Crystal drivers alone.

Installed Toshiba/Yamaha drivers via MINSTALL, rem’d out SB drivers. This
worked, sort of. I had two of each device listed in MM setup (audio device
one, audio device two, etc). System sounds worked OK once the correct defaults
were set, but my network card stopped working (3Com 562 PCMCIA Ethernet +
Modem).  Never was able to use any of the MM players for wave or midi files.
AVI player died and hung the system.

CD-Audio worked for all configurations. System is Warp 4, FP4. FP4 (base OS
only) applied *before* MMOS2 installed. Could this be a problem? Should I
install the MM portion of FP4?

I suspect that my problems were related to having two ‘hacked’ installs of
MMOS2, and I’d like to try again to get a clean install from scratch.
Currently, I’ve uninstalled all of MMOS2, deleted all files, drivers and
references in config.sys. Network card works again. (I checked for IRQ and
other conflicts, found none).

So… What is the correct procedure for installing MMOS2 with a sound chipset
that is not supported by OS/2? Can I do an MMSO2 install with no sound card
drivers, then add the drivers with MINSTALL? Selective Install appears to
offer no opportunity to load drivers other than the ones that ship with Warp.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Whitelaw                               tel: +1.403.414.6664
jim-at-pdsys-dot-com                       fax: +1.403.484.9239
Pathways Data Systems Inc.       
   "It is best to assume that the network is filled with
    malevolent entities that will send packets designed to
    have the worst possible effect."    - F.Baker, RFC1812

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Bootmanager & Drive Partisions

I need to install win95, NT, win3.1, & os2 v2.1 on my hard drive.
Can I use os2 Boot manager for this? How many partision can os2 bootmanager

If the above is not possible, is there any other way to install the 4
operating system and make each bootable by choice?

Any advise on other boot manager and where I can get them will be

Thanks in advance.


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USRobotics 33.6 Sportster

I can’t get the sportster to work.. It’s an internal version with Voice
mail. Faxworks works
with it, but not the modem. USR doesn’t have anything on it’s web site
either. Anybody able
to get this modem working? Do I have to get another modem?

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Warp 4 on Media GX chipset

Did anybody install Warp 4 on Compaq 2110, which consists of Cyrix Media GX

I can install but fail at setting up Video(only VGA 640×480) and no sound
card.  Is there any site for downloading such kind of drivers ?


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Video Capture — What works?

In terms of native OS/2 solutions for video capture (single
frame) from video cameras and other sources, what works?

Primary applications will be computer input of thousands
of slides already converted to video tape, plus grabbing
single frames of videocam recordings for web page use.

VideoIn/2 seems to just work with plug in video cards, but
even getting a decent list of supported cards is like pulling

No support for ubiquitous comsumer devices like Snappy……

Regular Connectix QuickCam’s are supported by shareware drivers,
but the new QuickClip equivalent to Snappy is unknown.  And
there is also a TWAIN for QuickCam under development.  Not
quite there yet…

So if I want to get the family a decent OS/2 video capture
option for THIS christmas, what do you recommend?

P.J. "Josh" Rovero              email:  prov…
Oceanographer                   work:   rov…
Meteorologist                   web:
Curmudgeon at Large             radio:  KK1D

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pkzip/pkunzip question

I do not have experience in using the "zip" utilities.  I downloaded the
EmTec Newsreader to a temp folder and it came in the zip format.  What is
the command line(s) that I have to type in to unzip and then to install the
program.  I found the PKUNZIP2.EXE in my OS/2 folder, but I do not know how
to use it.  Any help would be appreciated.  The file does not seem to have a
self-extracting feature.

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Warp on an HP Pavilion

Simple. I’ve been using OS/2 Warp Version 3 for years on my
486DX4-100 with no problems (had to do a little magic with the
original install to get the SCSI cdrom to work). I bought an HP
Pavilion 7360 and Warp is giving me a headache. It will get to
the reboot part of the install and hang just as it accesses the
hard drive, don’t even get to see the little white block in the top
left. I’ve gotten all the driver updates I can find for the HD system
from IBM and I still can’t get it to work. If someone out there has
had the pleasure of getting it to work on a Pavilion, please post
how you did it. I’m pulling my hair out. I can usually get this stuff
to work. Not this time!

-Joe Aycock (joe…
-Lover of all things Macintosh, OS/2 or Unix, collector of the best toy
-ever, Transformers. Subaru SVX — The Beauty Of All Wheel Drive.
-"Judges Disqualify ‘Little Milton’ In Last Minute Rumpus".
-The St. Cleve Chronicle; Friday, January 7th 1972

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Netscape November Version incompatible with Feature Installer 1.2.1?

I’ve integrated the actual version of Netscape/2 2.02 (November) and IBM
Feature Installer (V1.2.1) in my CID environment.

The problem is that the Feature Installer claims, that the November
version of Netscape is an old and refuses to install. With the June
version of Netscape all goes well.

I would like to use the new Netscape because of its ability to directly
work togheter with Java 1.1.x. But Java 1.1.4 uses the Feature installer
1.2.1 for its installation and the new Netscape Version is
incompatible(?) with FI.

Is there a trick to let FI think it works with the old version of
Netscape even if it would be the new Netscape?

Thanks for your hints!

pls. reply to: reg…

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