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Device driver install error

Whenever I try ddsintal.exe from the command prompt, the GUI dialog
comes up fine, and I specify the correct source and destination
subdirectories.  A list of device drivers shows up.  I choose one,
click "Install," and then a dialog comes up telling that it
encountered an error while copying a file to the destination.

Has anyone come across this problem and hopefully can offer me a

I am using Warp 4.0 on a P2/233.


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Pentium Pro Or Pentium II?

Wondering whether to purchase Pentium Pro or Pentium II. Anyone know of
serious bugs at running either with OS/2 V4? Any advantages or disadvantages
with one or the other? Personal Experience?

Daryle Swink

E-Mail: drsw… or 75213.3…
CompuServe: 75213,3050
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MMOS2 and audio CD support

Hi, everyone,

I have a problem with audio CD support in MMOS2 for Warp 3.0.

When I first installed OS2 and MMOS2, I didn’t notice that audio CD support
was not installed. When I run MMedia Setup, I didn’t find a page for CD Audio.
I can’t run any CD player that reply on MMOS2 support.
Now I am at fixpack 32.

I would like to know if there is anyway to manually install the audio CD support
in MMOS2?
Do I need you back out of fixpack 32, reinstall MMOS2 from the original Warp 3.0
and reinstall fixpack 32 again?

Any help is appreciated!

Roger Shum  

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Assigning My Own Driver Letters?


Apparently in win NT you can assign drive letters as you see fit.
This sounds very nice.
With all the other things you can do with partitions,
OS/2′s way of assigning them itself is kind of dumb.

I want to add another hard drive and of course my first drive has C: &
So when I add a 2nd drive they change to C: & E:

Anyone know of a way to assign the letters I want? That would really
make a ton of people’s days.  Any IBM or other software that will do


[dialip 1.49g2 author - dialer + email transfer]

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Java114 install problem

I am trying to install Java 1.1.4. I have reached the point where
Navigator opens to the installation page, and I then select either Guided
or Advanced installation. With either choice, I get the page where drive
and component choices have to be made. But there are no choices in the
click boxes; instead, there are generic icons (look like puzzle pieces);
when I click on them, I get the message Plug-in Not Loaded.

I thought the setup program ran correctly, but maybe not. Does anyone
have any suggestions on fixing this?


John Davey

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PISSING ME OFF / Install Upgrade

I am trying to install OS2 3.0 (the version that INCLUDES
Windows).  I formerly ran 2.0, that upgraded to 2.1, and
finally to 3.0 (without Windows).  Since I refuse to use any
MS products except their Dos, I did not want to install MS
Windows 3.1.  So, I went out and bought a version of OS2
3.0 with Win (blue box).  However, this has turned into a
nightmare.  The copy I got of it, is an UPGRADE version.
The stupid thing refuses to install from the CD, because it
insists that I have OS2 version 2.1 installed, to upgrade.
It will not install with the (non-windows) version of
3.0 on the harddrive.  I finally formatted the harddrive,
and thought it would be a snap.  WRONG !!!!!!!

To install 2.1, which is also an upgrade, I must first
install 2.0.  So, at this point, I am forced to install it
from FLOPPY, twice.  At this rate, I gotta feed nearly 50
disks into the damn computer before I can even begin
to install the 3.0 version.  That is rediculous…..
While I totally hate Win95, I must say that MS makes alot
more sense.  They just require that you insert the first
disk of Win3.1 in A: .  OS2 is far superior to Winbloze 95,
but this installation bull-crap is a royal pain in the

IS there a way around this???  I am not trying to cheat
anyone, since I own all of the versions, I am just not
willing to go thru this huge hassle, if there is an easier
way, and I am sure there is…..

Could someone Please tell me a trick around this???
Is there just some part, or some files from 2.1 that needs
to be on the hardrive????  Something I can copy off
of one disk, or something I can pump in there from the
first 2 (install disks)….

There has got to be an easier way,,,,,,,

Please email replies to:


Thanks in advance…..


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Warp Install Problem

I have been trying to install either Warp 4, or Warp 3 to my machine
with no success.  

I have a pentium 100 with 32 megs of ram and a 2 gig hard drive.  I have
an Adaptec 174x with an NEC 6x cd-rom drive.

I place the first two disks in the machine but it can’t find the cd
player.  I have switched out the 174x with a 154x and get the same
results.  Any ideas?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Assigning dynamic IP-address in XFree86

 have installed and setup XFree86 on my system (Warp4, no Fixpack). The
problem I have is how to assign a dynamic IP-address (which I get during
my PPP connection) to HOSTNAME and DISPLAY. I mean what should I do in
Config.sys and later in my Xterm to have the output of the remote system
be displayed on my screen. When I telnet for example, I get connected but
then nothing shows up on the screen, and I have to wait for a couple of
minutes for the connection to timeout.

I have tried (xhost +) and then (xterm -display:<IP-address>:0.0) without
any success. Do I need to set HOSTNAME and DISPLAY to anything specific in
Config.sys or should I just leave them out?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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OS/2 Warp 4 clean install/uninstall

I am currently running Win 95 (and Dos 5.0). I have two physical
disks, one of them divided into four partitions.

I would like to test OS/2, but may or may not deceide to keep it.

In other words, I wish to install OS/2 and be able to remove it
without leaving any files, folders or any other mess on the disk.

I assume the best way is to install it to one of the (clean)

I plan to multiboot using the System Commander software (how does it
compare to the OS/2 Boot Manager?)

Any comments or tips?

 Jarle Aasland

(Please respond both to this group and directly by e-mail to

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