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OS/2 Contractor


I am looking to find a contractor in the Silicon Valley area who knows OS/2
Warp and Warpserver.  I need to connect up approximately 6 OS/2 workstations to
our NT servers.  If you have experience doing this, please contact me at (408)
764-2063 or email me at g…  Thanks.

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Added New Hard Drive, Warp4 Won't Boot


I added a Seagate 1.7 gig IDE hard drive as a slave (primary) to a
system with a Quantum fireball 1.2 gig as master (primary) and an IDE
Cdrom as master on the secondary channel.

The BIOS auto-detects the new drive but Warp 4 at FP4 level will no
longer boot. It gets just past the blue OS/2 Warp logo then more or
less stops; with the hard drive light going on and off slowly.

By using alt-F2 at boot,  it loads the ibms506.add, the ibmidecd.flt,
then the os2dasd.dmd drivers OK. It appears to be hanging as it trys
loads the HPFS driver.

My Warp 4 FP 1 level maintenance partition boots fine with the new
drive in place and sees the partitions which I created on it.

Here are a few lines from config.sys which may be pertinent to this




Anyone have any ideas?

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IBM ftpd dir listing

Is there any way to change the built in ftpd (TCP/IP 4.1) with OS/2
Warp 4 so that it does unix style directory listings?  Many ftp
clients can’t see any files because of this.  Thanks!


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PowerDrive and WARP 4

We have got some Compaq machines with an internal PD/CD-Drive on an
IDE-Controller. The drive as a CD-Drive does work. But so far we have been
unable to use the PD-part of the drive. Compaq and IBM haven’t been of any
great help so far.
Any ideas?

Thanks for any advice.

H. Oehri

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FP32: No Products to Service?

I have tried to install FP32 (Warp 3) on two machines that have FP31
installed and have been running quite well….I noted FP32 had several
Y2K fixes, and I thought I’d just get them update.

On both machines, a few seconds after I put in the first CSD disk, I
get the Big Red Screen that says there are no products to service.
Following the instructions in the "tip" file, I renamed the
/os2/install/logf000.os2 and logstart.os2 files and tried again.  Same

I read thru the rest of the "tip" file, but could find nothing else
that addressed this issue.

If anyone can help me out, I’d appreciate it…

Tom Whittaker                                          t…
Space Science and Engineering Center      University of Wisconsin-Madison
Phone/VoiceMail: 608/262-2759                           Fax: 608/263-6738

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Frequent pauses & a bit of disk activity.


My general use of OS/2 (FP4) seems to be afflicted by frequent spells of
apparent inactivity followed by some disk activity. During the pauses,
which last about 5 to 10 seconds, I can’t do anything except move my mouse
pointer around. I’ve cleaned out my ini files, removed any unnecessary
devices from my config.sys, and checked for irq conflicts, but I still get
the pauses.

Has anybody else experienced this?


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I need FDISK from 2.1


I need a copy of FDISK.exe from OS/2 2.1.   Can someone give
it to me?



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Installing warp4 on a Micron Transport xke

I am trying to install Warp4 on
a Micron Transport XKE and I can’t
get past disk 1. It will not even
access disk 2. I have tried the
various "fixes" (set copyfromfloppy=1, !fifo, etc)found in IBM’s data
base & on OS/2 BBS but nothing


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Feature Install – where'd it go?!?!

Hiya folks – I’m hoping someone can help me figure this out.

I d/l’d both the latest Feature Install package and Java 1.1.4.  (Got Java
first but it said it wouldn’t install without the Feature Install package
so I got that too.)  Tried to install FI but it said that I had an old
version of navigator and wouldn’t install (I have the new November version
of NN/2).  Looked in docs and tried the /NN switch… a lot of disk
activity – but no messages saying anything was done.  Getting frustrated
now….read a few newsgroups and figured out why FI didn’t like my new
NN/2…..fixed that….and then tried installing FI again.  Finally –
success!….but wait – no messages or prompts at all during install – just
a message saying that install was successful.  Sure enough when I tried
installing Java again – FI came up and the Java install went fine.
However, I can’t find the Feature Install program anywhere….I know it’s
on the boot drive somewhere since my free disk space went down but it’s
not in the /FEATURES subdirectory (as specified in the docs…nor did I
ever get a chance to tell it where to install to).

Does anyone have any idea where I might find this beastie?  Also, I
noticed my free RAM has gone down by about 2MB after bootup since
installing FI and Java 1.1.4…..anyone know what’s eating it?

Sorry for the long winded message and thanks in advance for any pointers
in the right direction.

scotted… (Scott V. Edgar)

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peer-peer connection

I have 2 computer with Warp 4 FP5, that I like to connect together.

I my setup is in both a network card Kinston KNE40T PCI, with TCP/IP installed, so
what do I need to do to make them  work together

Thank you in advance

Merci a l’avance


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