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OS2 Neomagic 2160 , TI cardbus TI 1131 and Crystal 4237b drivers


I saw your message and was wondering if you had ahd any success with
getting these drivers to work??  I have a Dell Inspiron 3000 233 meg
Tillamook notebook and Indelible Blue has basically given up on geting it
to work in OS2 V4.

I had tried the Crystal driver which I found at the Crystal site and
after installling that one (which doesn’t seem to uninstall or, they day,
need uninstalling???) I got error messages on reboot on CWAUDIO.SYS,
CVWAUD SYS and on getting into OS2, on  VSND SYS as well as NETWORK.DRV.
(the Thinkpad 380 driver SEEMED to install although configuring the
system after installation took a suspiciously long time:  But installing
that driver did nothing whatosever to improve the situation).

The video drivers from the 380 also proved relatively useless: It booted
after install to a hang on a blue screen. rebooting to VGA then let me
select the NEOMAGIC driver in selective install ( NEOMAGIC suddenly
apeared in the driver list, so somethign might have got installed?) but
selecting the driver resulted in the old suspiciously long config screen
followed by a boot (entailing processing the locked files) to VGA in 640
by 480 16 colours (no choices there). Are these the correct drivers for
what I have on the Inspiron 3000??  OR is something conflicting with what
I have already got installed??

Any ideas?  Do you think I might have any more luck with the drivers
which you say you found in Germany?  And do you know where I can find the
1131 Cardbus drivers to which you also refer?

Jonathan Steinberg

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Re: X-Windows client for OS/2 (really "growth of swap-file")

On Sat, 20 Dec 1997 19:44:39, Sentiono Leowinata <c…> wrote:
> pps. How to force OS/2 to release and go back to its original swap file
> after running the applications without rebooting the system?

Just do "nothing" for a few minutes, and OS/2 will "shrink" the
swap-file, automatically,
as much as it can.

Also, note that part of OS/2 has been swapped-out, while you were
using your app.
OS/2 will "swap-in" that code *WHEN* it is needed, not *BEFORE*.

In other words, it is *NORMAL* for a swap-file to grow; don’t worry
about it.

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Re: Win32s 1.30 possible?

In article <349f0687.6289…>,

ka… (Karl Davis) wrote:
>Is it possible to use Win32s 1.30 with Warp 4?  And if so, how do you
>do it?

No, it’s not possible!

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Moving OS/2

I’ve bought a new HD (2.1) G & want to move my OS/2 partition from the
1.1Gig over to the 2.1 G. I will keep the drive letters the same..

So how do I do it & what are the pitfalls.

I do NOT want to go out buying new software or do new installs. I’m hoping
to xcopy or something.

Andrey Lasichuk (and…

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Re: "Unexpected Dos error 23"

In <349f27d…>, on 12/23/97
   at 02:54 AM, kd… said:

>While trying to bring up an win-os/2 program, I got
>the following error:
>"Unexpected Dos error 23"
>Can someone please tell me what that means.

This is the error you get if you try to run a Win95 or WinNT app under

>P.S. – the program was ICQ Win 3.1 version. Needs Win32s support.

Are you sure it’s not the Windows95 version?

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Timur "too sexy for my code" Tabi, ti…, OS/2
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Help needed installing os/2 V3

When installing os/2 version 3 on to a freshly formatted drive with no
partitions (204meg) I get the following error, during the first reboot
after installation.

The system detected a internal processing error at location
60000,  2008
Internal revision 8.162,  94/09/19
The system is stopped. Record all of the above information and contact
your service representative.

The installation seems to go well untill asked to remove the floppy and
reboot the system. It gets to a os/2 screen with logo in the middle- takes
a while – and then comes up with the error. I have boot to os/2 enabled in
the bios setup.

I have a supermicro dual P2 with on board SCSI. SMART 100x CDROM
300 P2  64Meg SDRAM

Any thing I could try? All ideas appreciated.
Paul Rae

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Re: Netscape/2 and Java 1.0.2, 1.1.4

On Mon, 22 Dec 97 07:29:27 +0600, Allen Cogbill wrote:

:>Yesterday I installed Java 1.1.4. In order to do that, I first installed
:>FixPak5, then found I needed to install "Feature Installer", whose
:>installation required me to upgrade Netscape/2 from the one I have been using
:>to a new version. I upgraded Netscape/2, installed Feature Installer, then
:>proceed to install JDK 1.1.4 (the run-time + the toolkit).
:>Now, I have 3 java-related directory structures: the original, named JAVAOS2,
:>on my boot drive, another named JAVAOS2 on another drive (I think the
:>Netscape/2 upgrade installed this, but am not sure), and a third named JAVA11,
:>which houses the JDK 1.1.4.
:>The poblem comes with which DLL’s go first in the LIBPATH. If the DLL’s in the
:>1.1.4 directory are listed first, then Netscape/2 crashes anytime it tries to
:>run a Java applet. If I list the orginal JAVAOS2 drectory (the one on my boot
:>drive) first, Netscape/2 runs the applets OK, but I cannot properly use Java

Use 1.1.4, but get the NJBRIDGE.ZIP Netscape enabler.  It performs the same
function as JEMPOWER.ZIP shipped with Netscape 2.02.  Personally, I would
(and did) erased all signs of 1.02 with no regrets!

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*** OpenGL Hardware (h/w) acceleration in OS/2 … Read what ELSA had to say! ***

Hello to all,

I ‘ve recently acquired an ELSA Winner 2000/Office w/8MB RAM, and although I
am happily warping
at high speed, I do have a complaint…
As well known, OS/2 has integrated OpenGL support for high quality graphics.
I was expecting (…)
that since this card is based on the 3dLabs Permedia 2 chipset (entry level
OpenGL accelerator – h/w
level), the drivers would support h/w acceleration in OpenGL.

I was wrong.

"OK" I said, and I contacted them through their news server
(news:// The reply to my
questions follow…

=== Copy message starts here ===

Hello Mr. Aris,

at this time, there is no possibilty to write a OpenGL-driver for OS/2
WARP 4. This has technical reasons and there will be no driver that
supports OpenGL, until OpenGl is not a standard for OS/2 WARP.

Best regards
Jochen Hilgers
on behalf of

=== Copy message ends here ===

Now, I thought that you should know… I thought that if enough people
should – how should I put it – left a mail demanding h./w acceleration
in OpenGL, they somehow would see the light…

So if you have some time, and want to help OS/2 have h./w acceleration in
in a very good chipset, please link to their news server mentioned above, or
send them
a mail to supp… so as to show them that we NEED OpenGL…

Thanks very much…

Aris Routis
Programmer/Network Administrator
Delta Informatics S.A.
Notice : The   opinions   expressed
         here,  are   my   opinions
         and under no circumstances
         are  the  opinions  of  my
See the light : Use OS/2 Warp v4.0!

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Anybody know about cable modems and OS/2?

Seems I’m lucky enough to be in a Media One "Broadband" area, scheduled to
provide cable modem service beginning January 12.  The tout is 1.5mb/sec
download and 300kb/sec upload.

Spiffy keen for my home machine.  And it’s reasonably priced at
$39.95/month… since I’m also a Media One cable TV customer.  They provide
the broadband modem as part of the installation, and I buy a network card
either from them or myself.

As expected, their "software support" is centered around Win/95 and Win/NT
4.0.  They don’t know how to spell OS/2.

But since the network cards they recommend include the 3COM Etherlink III
which is certainly a card supported quite well by OS/2 (I know… because I
have one in my office Ethernet LAN machine, running a Novell Netware Client),
I feel certain that I should be able to take advantage of this cable modem
technology under OS/2.

Problem is… I don’t actually know exactly what I would do next, once I
install the NIC.  Presumably I would then do a selective install of the OS/2
drivers for the card.

And then what???

I’m not on a LAN, so there’s no Netware Client to install.  But exactly what
else would I install… if anything?

My guess is that some additional services and/or protocols would need to be
configured with MPTS to get TCP/IP to work properly, but I don’t know which or
what or what values to enter in the configuration dialogs.

And what about the setup for the TCP/IP applications… like Netscape, etc.
Anything to be done?

Anybody have any experience in this area?

Thanks in advance for your help.

//   Darryl Sperber  (sper…

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Tape backups & multitasking

Is anyone using a TBU programs that allows you to do other work during a
BU? I’m using Seagate BUExec, and though it does the job, it doesn’t
co-exist with other tasks well.

My reply address won’t work.
Send mail to user MUSES9 at the domain MAGI.COM

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