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TCP/IP + OS/2 2.1 – Looking for help setting up

I’ve just installed OS/2 v2.1 and I’m now trying to add TCP/IP so I can
dial into my office via modem. To do this, I need to set up my IP
address so our office server recognises me and lets me in etc.

Trouble is, when I installed OS/2, I got no "Network" folder or any
TCP/IP software. Maybe I’m missing something obvious here but can ayone
tell me how to get a "Network" folder or the TCP/IP software or


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Peer-Peer Installation Problem

I’m trying to install Peer-Peer using either the diskette or the
Selective Install for Networking. Each time I get amessage that
then just stop.

The problem is I don’t have any C:\IBMLAN directory; I don’t have that
directory on any of my drive for that matter.

Can any one help me with that

BTW. I would like to install it on top of TCP/IP so I did installed
the NETBIOS protocol the last time I installed Warp 4

Thank you in Advance

Merci a l’avance


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TCP/IP setup problem

When I installed OS/2 I included networking support, since I was at the
office and wanted to grab some things off the Internet.  Unfortunately,
there doesn’t seem to be any (easy) way to switch to a dialup connection.
If anyone can tell me what I need to do to turn off networking support
and enable dialup support I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks in

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TRAP 000D and other Installation Problems

I have had no luck trying to install warp 4.0 on a Sony VAIO.  My system
config is as follows:
    P233 64MB
    4.3GB IDE Quantum Hard Drive (Primary)
    7.0GB Maxtor (Secondary on controller 0)
    24x IDE CDROM

I was getting TRAP000D on DISK 1, even after I updated the ibm1s506.add and
IBMIDECD.FLT drivers.  I was able to get around the TRAP by changing the
IBM1s506 driver as follows:

     IBM1s506.add /V /A:1 /I   – this supossedly prevents the OS from
resetting the adapter. However, after making this change the system did not
recongize the CD.  I went to the command line at this point.  However, I
was unable to CD to another drive other than A:, so I don’t know if the
system even recognized the drives.  I only know that the /V option listed
the geometry of the drives.

I then made the following change:

basedev=IBM1s506.add /V /A:1 /I
basedev=ibm1s506.add /V /A:0 /I

This resulted in a message stating that OS/2 can’t operate the hard disk or
floppy drive.

I have tried everything – from removing the IBM1s506 from the config.sys
(to make sure the CD worked – it did) to removing the 7.0GB drive.  Nothing
seems to work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Need help installing OS/2 using CD

        I am trying to install OS/@ V4.0 using the CD Rom.  However, the
installation boot disk is unable to detect my CD Rom .  Does anyone know
how I can solve this problem?  I am using a Creative Lab Sound Blaster
Pro 16bit 2X CD Rom.  Please help me if you have the solution.

Thanks a thousand for your help.


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OS/2 !! SYS02025 OS/2 !! SYS02027 Install failure

Hi all;

I’ve tried to install OS/2 Warp Version 4 on two systems.  But using the Installation diskette, I get

OS/2 !! SYS02025
OS/2 !! SYS02027

boot failure.   I have created the diskettes from the CD and got the same error.  Incidently,  I had installed Warp 3.0 on both systems.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Bill Fowler

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JAVA 1.1.4 with Warp 3 impossible ?

I read on Warpcast today, that IBM is offering a refreshed-Version of NS/2
which is prepared to use Java 1.1.x .
Regarding to IBM this works for Warp 4 or Warp Server only.

Is this true ? Is it techanically impossible to use the Java 1.1.x
environment in Warp 3 ?

Anyone who tried it ?


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AHA-2940UW with ST34501UW

Hi all,

  I am experiencing a very strange problem with OS/2 Warp 4, FP #5 running
on a PII/300MHz Intel LX chipset motherboard with 128MB ECC SDRAM and
Award BIOS version 4.51.  I have an Adaptec 2940UW host adapter.  BIOS
flashed back to 1.25 from 1.32.  (Same controller that ran an identical
setup on a PPro 200MHz just fine.)  The only device running off the UW 68
pin cable is a Seagate 4.5 ST34501UW Cheetah drive.  On the 50 pin SCSI-2
cable is a Toshiba 32x CD-ROM drive, a Seagate STT28000N TBU, and an
Iomega Zip.  All devices are terminated properly according to Seagate and
Adaptec.  No IDE enabled anywhere.

  During installation I had a terrible time FDISKing 2 HPFS partitions.  I
finally dropped back to Warp 3.0 red spine diskette installation to get it
partitioned into a 1.3GB HPFS system and a 3GB HPFS data partition.  OS/2
3 and 4 CD-ROM packages kept telling me another process was using FDISK.
(I just ordered PM from IB).  I am using the NEWDASD Beta 2 from the DD
site and the AIC7870.ADD from 4/16/96.  I runs the best.  In order to keep
the system stable I must run the HD at 20mbs with Ultra disabled.  All
other devices are set at 10mbs.  The system still locks up occasionally.
Usually at a very inconvenient time.  I have spoken with Adaptec and
Seagate.  No help there except to keep slowing the Adaptec down until it
is stable.  I’ve dropped it to 16mbs and still the drive system goes out
to lunch.  I tried 2 different ST34501 drives.  Same results.  It is
strange because it seems to be in the HDD subsystem.  The mouse will move
the programs run as long as they don’t need HDD access.  I am sure it must
be hardware related as I’ve loaded ’95 on it, (Yikes!), and I must slow it
way down for that to run that even.

  Another side effect of this problem is when I try to install some
programs or download files via the Internet, the D partition tells me
there is not enough disk space available.  There is 2.3GB available on
that partition.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


z… (Kevin Zimmerman)
(815)868-2422 FAX

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(Barstool Blues)

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Wireless computer mouses


I’m building a wireless mouse using infrared technology and would like
technical info on mouses.  Specifically, the type of data that is
transmitted, the speed at which this data is transmitted, and other
pertinent information like where I could find circuit diagrams and other
technical info on mouses.


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IR & Thinkpads

I’m having problems installing Infrared support in Warp. I want to use it
for printing to my Canon BJC-80.

I’m currently trying it on a TP 755CD and Warp 3.

I’ve installed the TP 755 win-os2 IR drivers from ibm’s www. I’ve gone
into MPTS, added IR support and edited it to COM1 or COM2. When booting
it happily executes the IR device drivers (irdd.sys, irdndis.os2,
ibmirvdd.sys) and runs irdnds.exe without any problems.

However It refuses to print anything at all. I’ve tried to print to both
COM1 & COM2, and using Thinkpad features i’ve tried disabling both COM
ports and enabling one of them (not possible to enable same COM port as
the IRQ Infrared uses). No IRQ, DMA collision what I can see.

It works fine using the standard LPT port.

Anyone got this working?

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