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Parallel scanner with OS/2 ?

I’m running Warp 4 FP5 on a ThinkPad 755 CDV.
I would like to purchase a scanner and use it over the parallel port  
(not SCSI).
What kind of hardware would you suggest ?
Has anyone any experience ?

Fran‡ois Hurter
email: aba…
Compuserve: 10041,1117

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How to auto-upload a image file for web page?

Want to setup a webcam. Want to have image taken with my cam that gets
saved to a specific directory every 30 sec. and overwrites the old so
there will be just one some_name.jpg file to upload. The qpict
software does this part what I want to know how do I get it to my web
page directory automatically.


Carl S.
carls… ICQ# 6064274
DeadBeatt Page BBS +708.333.4772
OS/2 User dispite IBM

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How do you install Xfree86…

Would like the simple install steps such as. On hobbess, what files do
I download for installing under warp 3 and from there.


Carl S.
carls… ICQ# 6064274
DeadBeatt Page BBS +708.333.4772
OS/2 User dispite IBM

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XFree86 setup

I have tried to set up XFree86 on my OS/2 Warp 4 system with fixpack 6, but I
failed. I used version 3.3.2, and XFree86 hangs on startup, with a message
about failing to connect to the server (or something like that). It is
mentioned in the faq, but that doesn’t help me very much.
My system:
OS/2 Warp 4.0 with Fixpack 6
Matrox Mystique 2Mb (with 2.14 drivers)
3 button mouse (PC Mouse Systems)
SoundBlaster 32
1.28 GB Harddisk

Please answer by mail, I can send you my config.sys & XF86Config on request.

Please visit my homepage featuring:
  * OS/2 Tips & Tricks
  * OS/2 Links
  * Information on my OS/2 programs

David van Enckevort
  TeamOS/2 member
  Author of Sound Scheme Manager

Email: mailto:encke…

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COM2 Cont..

I am trying to get OS/2 to recognize my COM2 port. In an OS/2 Window I typed
the command mode COM2. (COM2 is disabled in BIOS). Received the following error

SYS0318: Message file OSO001.MSG
SYS0318: Message file OSOSYS0318: Message file OSOSYS001.MSG
SYS0318: Message file OSOSYS0318: Message file OSOSYS001.MSG
     "               "         "            "                   "        "    
      "            "
     "               "         "            "                   "        "    
      "            "

Is anyone familiar with this message? The proper information is displayed in a
DOS window using the same command. Have tried Halite lite program but it says
"modem does not respond" (on COM2). How can I get OS/2 to see my COM2 port? Any
help would be appreciated.

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Setboot for DOS (win95)

Is there an equivalant to SETBOOT for DOS (Win 95)?

I can setup OS/2 with a shutdown option so it reboots to Win 95 using
setboot /IBA:Win95. What I want is the ability to set it back to Warp
from Windows 95. This saves waiting for the boot manager prompt, then
selecting the system I want in time.


Simon Thompson
New Zealand

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TCP IP settings bonus pack version

I need to set up the tcp/ip stack for my provider but the bonus pack version hasn’t got PPP protocol.  I run warp v.3.
Any idea where I can find a more complete TCP/IP stack for warp 3?

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win plugins/browsers under os2 dailer

I hope someone can help me here. I don’t even know if I am in the correct
newsgroup, if not please forgive me on intruding.

My problem: I recently played around and installed the pluginback for
Netscape  [plugken.*] to install support for windows plugins. Well all worked
fine, and to my great surprise I could even run a windows browser, netscape
or Opera after connecting to my ISP using my OS2 dailer. After a serious
messup with my system, I had to reinstall the lot, but now I can no longer
get windows apps/plugings to run under the os2 connection. Any advise out

Many thanks in advance.
Michael Prinz

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Painless upgraded reinstall

I want to reinstall Warp from scratch, unfortunately, I started with ver
2.0 and I have upgraded all the way to v 4.0.
Seems to me I ran across a way to do this. If you can help, please email


ICQ UIN 2230105

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A Rough Weekend

A Rough Weekend

I was a Happy Guy, running OS/2 Warp version 3.00 on a ’486 66 DX with a
late ’94 AMI BIOS with a couple of small hard drives on it. I was
preparing to upgrade to a P75 with a 6-gig hard-drive. I’d gone through
the standard OS/2 fdisk miseries, then found the appropriate IBM1S506
updates for big hard drives (thanks guys).

Last week, again thanks to this newsgroup, I found the answer to another
scary install problem. The install would start out fine, then abend with a
big red screen telling me it couldn’t find a file it needed.  Seemed kind
of odd, since I was installing from CDROM. But the cause turned out to be
the "COPYFROMFLOPPY=1" line in config.sys on my diskette 1. I had of
course updated the IBM1S506 driver on the diskette, and I had removed some
unneeded files on it in order to make enough room.  It turns out that the
install program expects and needs every file in order to work properly; if
you tell it to get files from floppy 1, they _must_ all be present on the
floppy for things to work right.  It was easy to redirect the output of
the "ver" command into the appropriate filenames to create dummy files,
and off I went.  After the first part of the install, I was able to use
<F3> on the install diskettes, go to a command prompt, and copy the real
files off the original diskette 1 and into their proper places on my new

Disaster and misery really struck Sunday afternoon.  Suddenly, not only
could I not install OS/2, but I couldn’t start my working computer either.
The symptoms were the same in each case: the files on the disk looked fine
from a boot floppy, but when I tried to boot from the hard disk the floppy
drive would seek a couple of times and the machine would just sit there
lookin’ at me. No blue boot manager screen, no OS/2, nothing but the BIOS
information screen. Not good.  I wrassled BIOS parameters, tried
installing OS/2 without boot manager, tried installing MS-DOS, tried about
everything I could think of on the new machine. No change in any behavior.
I left the old machine alone for fear of munging my valuable precious data.

Yesterday morning (Monday), I was able to bring my bootable MSDOS 6.00
diskettes to work, where I had some working computers.  There, I found the
cause of my miseries. Mcafee’s "verify.exe" program saw the NYB virus on
both of the diskettes I had booted from for hardware testing. This is a
common boot-sector infector of Lose95 and MS-DOS machines.  According to
the help file I read, it lives in the master boot record of your hard
disk, copies itself into memory, and then tries to write itself onto
bootable floppys in your drive A. You get it by booting from an infected
floppy. Looks like the floppies I bought from a used computer store hadn’t
been entirely erased by waving ‘em under a magnet.

A concerted grovel through DejaNews revealed OS/2 fdisk’s  "/NEWMBR"
switch, which is undocumented in OS/2 itself and in  my OS/2 reference
book ("Inside OS/2 Warp, Version 3" — lousy but hey, it was free). When I
ran "fdisk /newmbr", on my new machine, I received the message "New master
boot record installed successfully".  When I booted it, I saw the Blessed
Blue Screen, and when I chose OS/2 from the manager, up it came!  That
gave me enough courage to go back upstairs, boot from my utility disks,
and try the same procedure with my working machine.  I held my breath and
pressed the <reset> button, and my working machine came back up without a
hitch.  Near as I can tell, my files are undamaged from the adventure.

As a capper, I was so excited by my discovery that I left the infected
floppy in the drive of my PC at work. Thus I was able to discover that my
virus doesn’t kill the boot manager on NT.  It just kills the operating
system.  Fortunately, the resources of the MIS department were equal to
the task of coming up with a virus-free bootable diskette containing the
mcafee disinfector, which removed the program from that hard disk without
much fuss.  I found that I couldn’t re-format the floppy I’d booted from,
so I carefully pried open the plastic case and cut the diskette itself up
with scissors.

Moral of the story: Just ’cause you’re running a superior operating
system, don’t assume that you are immune to _all_ the problems of the

Secondary moral: Bless you all.  I hope that this story will save someone
else the day or so I wasted on this.

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