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I have a problem setting up XFree86/2

I had installed XFree86/2.
It works properly except one problem.
It is Shift-Key Problem.
Other keys work properly, but only shift key is not appropriate.
I cannot type any capital letters and : , or some characters
that should be typed with Shift key.

Is there anybody solving this problem?


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Adding NT to OS/2 system…..need advice.

Current system:

IDE0:  Boot manager|OS/2 Primary, HPFS (c:\)|OS/2 DATA logical, HPFS (d:\)

IDE1:  OS/2 DATA logical, HPFS (e:\)

Where should I put a new HD that I can install NT on without zapping my
drive letters?

I’m assuming that NT will install onto a logical drive, is this true?




Philip Kartsonis
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Infrared on Toshiba Tecra 740 CDT

Dear Friends,

        I have a hardware setup problem which I need som help with: I can’t get
the Toshiba Tecra 740 CDT Infrared port to work under OS/2. A year ago,
I had a Tecra 700 CT, and the infrared port worked flawlessly (printing
and connecting). However, unlike the Tecra 700 CT, the Tecra 740 CDT’s
infrared port settings can’t be modified through the TSETUP BIOS
utility. I assume that this is partly due to a somewhat different IrDA
standard (FIR and IrDA 1.1) in the Tecra 740 CDT. My question is
therefore: Has anyone succeeded in getting the Infrared Port (in the
Tecra 740 CDT) to work under OS/2? If yes (I hope there is a "yes"
somewhere out there), how?

        Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Best wishes,

Cato A. Guldberg.

Cato A. Guldberg, M.D.       phone: (+47) 51 58 23 35 (home)/91 39 23 34
Oscar Wistings gate 61B             (+47) 51 52 50 02 (work)
N-4019 STAVANGER             fax:   (+47) 51 52 50 03 (work)
Norway.                      e-mail: cguld…

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8.3gig drive – no install

I have the new IDEDASD files, and I’m using the IBM1s506.ADD etc but I
cannot get through an install.

The files get copied to the drive, but the install hangs at the point where
you’d make your selections for which options you’d like to have installed.

I have Boot Manager as the first thing on the drive.  

Is there a limit to the new IBM1s506.ADD  perhaps?


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Wanted OS2OM30.DLL

Hi; I am trying to see how SOM works as a browser. I have Warp3 and to do
this SOM test, I need the file OS2OM30.DLL from your Warp4. If you will send
me a copy or tell me where I might download it, I will be very appreciative.
Thanks in advance..

Leo (Bing) Whiteway
Kelowna BC, Canada

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Net-Tamer V 1.10 Beta  - Test Drive

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OS/2 Warp 4

Does anybody know where can I get this.  Been trying IBM site but that
place is a giant maze with no entrance.  Regards.

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Help: Java114 problems.

I installed Java 1.1.4 today.  Now I have three Java directories:
  – The original Java 1.0.1 that came with Warp4  - d:\javaos2.
  – An updated Java 1.0.2 that came with Nestcape – e:\javaos2.
  – The new Java 1.1.4 – d:\java11.

Is this really necessary? Surely only one ‘Java’ is enough.

I recall vaguely that Netscape can work with Java 1.1.4 but cannot find
any information on how to set this up.

When I try to run a Java 1.1.4 demo program, example ‘java hello’ I get
the message: Unable to initialize threads: (null).  I think the problem
lies in my config.sys with the set classpath statement:


There is no mention of the d:\java11 classes except for the ICATJAVA

There is also no mention in the Java 1.1.4 readme of the classpath
statement, apart from a method to get Java 1.0.2 working again.

Any help to aid me in sorting out my Java mess will be appreciated.

Bertie Kemp.

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Is there a "Windows Explorer" equivalent in OS/2 Warp3?

I finally got fed up with w95 crashing all the time, and reinstalled
Warp 3.  I really miss the "Explorer", though.  Filemanager in WINOS2
works, but is there an OS/2 equivalent? "Drives" is really dorky, and
anyway always comes up in Tree View rather than as something you can
manage files with.  I haven’t tried Warp 4; — my friends tell me its
only advantage is voice capability.
What other products give me better funcionality than what comes with
Warp 3?  I’d like to work as easily as in W95, without the

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FP35 Boot Problem: Apparent Success

Follow-up to my earlier posts about the hang-up early in the boot process
after installing FP35 on my Cyrix 6×86 system:

Taking the advice of several people, I replaced OS2LDR and OS2LDR.MSG with
the versions from FP26. Since everything then booted up fine, this seems to
have worked around the problem. Thus, it appears that the problem is with
OS2LDR possibly being incompatible with certain Cyrix processors.

I don’t yet know if there are any deleterious side-effects from using an old
OS2LDR (I haven’t tried booting with alt-F2, for example). I also haven’t
seen the keyboard or task-switching problems I’ve read about here, but I have
already noticed some improvement in the efficiency of Win-OS/2.

I have Charles Petzold’s digital clock utility whose border turns green,
yellow, or red depending on CPU loading. Previously, the border would always
turn yellow whenever any Win-OS/2 program was running, indicating a CPU load
of 33% or greater. With FP35, the border remains green except when I’m moving
a seamless session, or when running something processor-intensive like

I just wish there were a way to notify IBM’s FixPak people about the broken
OS2LDR. Using an old version might work with FP35, but it may not be
compatible with some future release.


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WIN32s setup under Merlin


Can anyone tell me how to do this?
I have tried and the setup program can’t find krnl386.exe
This is because win-os2 uses a different name for it,
ie, os2k386.exe

If I copy the os2k386 file to krnl386 I get a GPF with the

Surely I am overlooking something.
Merlin has support for win32s so one would think it would be easy to
install the win32s….


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