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New Hard Drive Problem

Well, I’m confused now.

Just bought a replacement harddrive (7.2GB Maxtor).  My plan is to replace
the 2.1GB Quantum that’s in my system with the new larger drive.  Good excuse
to reinstall OS/2, clean up my junk.

The problem.  I can’t install OS/2 to the new drive.  When install fires up
fdisk I’m only able to create one (and only one) partition, and it’ll only be
as large as 95MB (install demands a partition on at least 100MB).

If I hook the new drive up as a slave and boot from the old drive I can use
PMFDISK to create and delete partitions on the new drive of any size, but I
can’t set a partition as "installable".

(Normally, I would have just left the old drive in as the boot drive and
added the new drive as a slave, by my girlfriend wants my old 2.1GB drive for
her computer.)

Any suggestions?

-=>John Desmarais

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Need info to put FixPak on CDROM

Does anyone know of procedures to put the OS/2
fixpak on CDROM?

Our traffic control system runs on OS/2 and we would
like to provide our customers that use OS/2 a means
of installing the Fixpak (Y2K complaint) off CDROM.

What I’m looking for are steps on required changes
if any to make the service pak run off a CDROM.

Other than the RESPONSE.FIL is there any other changes

Can the disks be put into a directory structure
with the first disk on the root directory of the CDROM?
Or does it also need to be in a durectory to run "service"
or "Fservice"?

Any suggestions and comments would be appreciated!

| Tony Saucedo                                       |
| EAGLE Traffic Control Systems                      |
| Austin, Texas                                      |
|                                                    |
| E-mail: Tony.Sauce…                 |
|                                                    |
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HELP! – my printer driver looks like sh*t!

Hi there.

Quite recently, without any provocation, my printer driver has
The settings tabs only contain garbage text, and it won’t print
The print queue’s icon has the text "FS" in yellow on a red
The printer template’s icon is a dark blob.

I’ve tried everything – removing the driver and re-installing it from
CD = no luck.
Installing the Canondrivers I got from a BBS-site = no luck.
Go back to an archive copy wasn’t doable, as I’ve forgot to remove the
so my archive copies are from today :-(

Maybe it’s a virus, but McAfee doesn’t find anything. I’m at my wits
end – HEEELP.

Sincerely, Tobias Gladh
Tobias Gladh, MSc. Cs. & E

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New OS/2 Java 1.1.4 service update at Hursley

I am currently downloading a new service update for OS/2 Java 1.1.4,
dated June 4, from:

The description in the file is: Java for OS/2 service update
version JDK 1.1.4 IBM build o114-19980530.  I just thought people would
like to know.  Kindly wait until my download is finished before
overloading the IBM server.  :-)

John Brock

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Help, i-nstalling warp 3 after win95, WINNT

I am a rather old devotee of OS/2 (I run a couple of dual boot warp 3
machines doing some misc services) and recently got to the point where I
decided enough is enough and wanted to load Warp Connect 3 for some OS/2
(mostly communications) programs that I preferred on my desktop machine,
which came with 95 and I put NT 4.0 on the second partition, I suport these
and pretty much need them around (I much prefer OS/2).

I decided to put Warp on the second partition and move NT to a second drive.
Moving NT to the second drive went pretty smoothly, after the appropriate
adjustments to the boot.ini file.

I go to install Warp on the 3rd partition (BM is on the second) and I boot
to the Install diskette, insert Disk 1 at the appropriate time, maket the
3rd partition installable and assign it as C:, reboot (see above) start
install on C: (part 3) and after copying the files It goes to reboot and it

Can I install dual boot in the WIN-95 partition?

Is there a way to get rid of that &*(^* 63 sector offset that NT put on the
second drive,
fdisk and Partition magic (3.0) both choke on it when I try to partition and
install warp on the second drive?

Any help would be appreciated

I have a Gateway 2000 (P5-150) with a 2.5 GB, the second drive is a WD 5.1
GB (hey they were cheap), 48MB ram

Dwayne McCoy

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Microtek E3 =? E3Plus ??

        I am considering buying a Microtek scanner. The E3 seems to be the
best supported (inexpensive) scanner for OS/2,. But the E3 has been
discontinued and replaced by the E3Plus (a SCSI version is available).
        Does anyone know if it is sufficiently the same for SANE or Impos/2
to work with it?



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problem of setup of os/2 warp3 or warp4

Hi all,

I tried to install the os/2 warp3 and warp4 on a Gateway PII 300 system
just tried to make one of them to work). This system has 96 mb memory, a
Quatium 4.3gig HD. But I could not do it because the os/2 has a problem to
handle the 4.3gig HD (I did not have problem with 3.2gig on a digital

I bootup by using the os/2 disks. when get in the boot manager it show
4.3gig, but when I tried to create a smaller partition, the option is not
available, only delete option is available. If I delete the 4.3gig
partition, the boot manager only show 63mb of HD space and all the boot
manager options gone (I tried to install it without doing the partition, but
had no luck and get error).

If I created a smaller partition by using the Win95 boot disk, things will
get worse when get in the boot manager, it will not recognize the HD
properly at all!

Please help if anyone has installed warp3 or warp4 on a system with a 4 or
more gigbyte of HD on it.

I would like to hear any information regarding the problem. My email is

Thanks in advance.

Again, please help!


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cannot load library: KRNL386.EXE

I can’t install Win32 1.25a and I got the error msg "cannot load
library: KRNL386.EXE"!?
My win3.1 directory is C:\CWINDOWS

Anyone know why?


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Logitec Pagescan Color Parallel

Does anybody have the Logitec Pagescan Color Parallel (not the new USB
version) working with Warp?
Any gotchas, and what software are you using it with?

regards, robin

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50-pin SCSI-2 tape and 68-pin SCSI-3 adapter – is it possible?


I have recently bought a Seagate (former Conner) TapeStore ST8000E
external SCSI tape drive. The drive came with a 50-pin Centronix style
SCSI cable/connector. I wish to attach the drive to my Tekram DC-390F
UltraWide SCSI-3 adapter. Tekram has a 68-pin high-density external
connector. I found a 50-pin<->68-pin converter, it fits the tape drive
cable and Tekram connector perfectly, but that’s the problem: if I
connect the cable (even with the tape drive power off) – Tekram
stops recognizing my SCSI harddisk! I have played with SCSI ID
and terminator on the tape drive, nothing helped. Tape drive itself is
recognized only if set up as SCSI ID 0 (which is reserved for my HDD),
but in this case it is reported as 3 identical devices at ID 0, ID 7,
and ID 15!

It looks like the converter I am using is not a suitable one. Is there
any standard specifications for such things? Anybody have similar
up and running? Any help much appreciated.


"Ivan Adzhubei" <i…>

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