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Warp 3 and DART

I don’t remeber but, ain’t dart something extra you have to get for warp

I have been donig a lot of reinstalls of warp will dealing with fixpacks
and I think I my have lost DART I get MCI errors while using daudio.


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Fix Pak 35 and 36

I have had problems installing FP35 but, I was using fastkick to
diunpack the disk images and when used loaddskf I error on three of the

Then after installing by booting from CSF disk it only said there where
18 disks and when it got to disk 12 it skiped ahead and asked for disk
16. Is this a problem that is fixed with FP 36?

Somebody let me know because I have to do fresh installs of warp 3 then
install my ess drivers or my multimedia will be all screwed up.

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1024*768 will not work

I cannot run my monitor at 1024*768 pixels. It is only allowed to run at 640*480
when i installed OS/2 v3.0. i haven’t installed win3x. Win95 runs at 1024…

How do i increase the desktop size?

I have looked for drivers at IBM with no luck as i beleive IBM do not support
OS/2 version 3.0 anymore? Do i install fixpaks to correct this problem? I am
running a S3 driver for a 1995 Veiwsonic Monitor.

Your help is appreciated

Perth, Australia
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PMATM.DLL access violation

I just started getting this message whenever I try to use Describe or
FontFolder.   I have FP7 installed and all was well until I installed
Home Page Publisher and then uninstalled it.   I do not get this error
on my maintenance partition which is a basic Warp 4 install with FP7

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thabks, Duncan Way

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Canon Printer does not print w/print command

We just recently received 2 Canon BJC-7004 Bubble
Jet Color printers and we are not able to print
to them from the command using the print command.

We can only print while using OS/2 EPM editor.
Once the "print" command is issued all that
happens is it ejects a blank page or 2.

I check the properties and didn’t see anything
unusual, all are set to default settings.

The drivers installed are for Canon BJC-4100 and

Running OS/2 Warp 4 Fixpak 6.

Any ideas and suggestions?


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XF86OS/2 Config Questions….

Running XF86OS/2 generally quite successfully (Warp 4, FP5) but have a
few configuration questions that I couldn’d quite find answers to in
TFM :)

1) To have X start up in a given res/colour depth, do I just change
the order of the resolutions in xf86config? E.g., put 1024x768x32 as
the first res.?

2) How do I configure X to display the desktop the same size as the
res? (I.e., e.g., res 1024×768, desktop size 1024×768)

3) Is there any way to configure startx to offer selection of wm to be

Any hints/help appreciated. TIA.

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mustek parallel scanner

My Mustek ScanExpress 600CP does not run under winos2. It get a twain
error, unknown causes.
It works under native win 3.1

Any idea what happens ? Is the twain driver not allowed to access the
parallel port ?
(btw., I have the PAR1284.SYS driver, not PRINTER01.SYS)


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VOICE SpeakUp for July 20

Just a friendly reminder that on July 20, VOICE will hold an IRC SpeakUp
session featuring Chris Graham, author of the Graham Utilities.  During
this SpeakUp, there will be a trivia contest and Chris will be giving
the lucky winner a free license to The Graham Utilities for OS/2 version
2.1.  You must be a VOICE member to be eligible for the free software
but everyone is welcome to attend the SpeakUp session.  A demo of The
Graham Utilities is available at

For information on meeting time and place, please see our website at and follow the link to the Meeting Info page.

VOICE is the Virtual OS/2 International Consumer Education, founded in

 —– Don K. Eitner – (freiheit on IRC) —–
* Proud user & supporter of IBM’s OS/2 Warp
* Website author (
* Secretary of V.O.I.C.E. (
* Assistant Editor of the V.O.I.C.E. newsletter
* Published author
* Member, International Alliance for Compatible Technology
"If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for,
        he isn’t fit to live." –Martin Luther King

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OS/2 won't run after new motherboard.

        I upgraded my system with a new motherboard, memory, slave HDD, and case. After the installation OS/2 boots with the stopwatch is just a one square inch black area on the screen. Desktop icons, and Warp Center then disappear the screen turns blue and a SYS3171 (insufficient stack space to process file) error appears. Also, I tried to install OS/2 on another partition but got an error message "Cannot find file message – *.msg" (or something similar).

        I think I have tried everything, jumpers, cables, conflicts, and BIOS settings. I have e-mailed the vendor tech support and am waiting for an answer. Anyone having the solution please post.

SOYO 5EHM motherboard – EQ82C663X Chipset

166 Pentium
64 meg EDO ram 60ns
WDC 2.1 gig
Futitsu 3.2 gig
3.5 floppy
5.2 floppy
SB-16 card
US Robotics 28.8 modem
Generic Trident SVGA card

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Re: Lexmark 5700 & OS/2 Warp 4 ?

gpes… wrote:
> I plan to soon purchase a Lexmark 5700 printer for use
> with windows 95 and, hopefully, OS/2 warp 4.

Nice printer for OS/2 Warp.

> Does that printer come with an OS/2 Warp 4 driver?

Yes.  If it isn’t on the CD then you can pick it up here:…

Tim Martin
The OS/2 Guy
Warp City Web Site (ICQ: 15246857)

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