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Install problems

Trying to install warp 3.0 cd-rom ver. on a 486 (vesa), 32 meg, with 170
meg HD.  I get as far as files transfering the files and then, system
stops with error that it having problems with "UNPACK2.EXE file.  If I
install advanced, with hardly any options, just the os (bare bones) then
it will install.  Any info or help would be greatly appreciated.


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Warp4 install problem on Toshiba laptop (TCP/IP and IBMWorks)

 I have two weird problems when I try to install Warp 4 on a Toshiba
T4800CT laptop (it’s a 486dx4-75 with 24MB RAM, a 500 MB disk with two
partitions – 300MB and 200MB – a WD94C26 video card, sound card, 2
PCMCIA slots, etc… and no CDROM drive so I did a floppy install…
all 90 of them). It’s advanced install on the 300MB C: partition :

1- during the install, it doesn’t ask me to setup the network support,
it goes from the component screen (where you can select to install the
bonus pack etc) directly to installing the system, no other questions
asked. I installed from the same copy a while back (with the CDROM
though) on another system and I remember that it showed a network
setup screen where you can install TCP/IP and other network stuff. As
a result, there’s no TCP/IP support when the install is over and no
selective network install icon either so there’s no way to add it.
2- IBMWorks… doesn’t work. When I launch it for the first time, the
CPU meter maxes out for a minute or so then it comes down and then
nothing, no error messages, no traps, no window, nothing. When I try
it for a second time after that, the CPU meter shows a blip but
nothing else.

 The rest of it works OK, but there’s obviouly something wrong, any

 thanks in advance!

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HP 720c


I’ve a big problem. I can’t find drivers for my HP Deskjet 720c and I can’t
print. I’ve tried another Deskjet printers but they doesn’t work.
Could anyone help me ?

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Installation problems with OS2 4

I have a PC with NT Server, Workstation and Win98 with System Commander 3
keeping them separated.  When I try to install OS2 4 Fdisk flags an error
which read ‘OS/2 requires a minimum partition of 175Mb’.  I have 12
partitions each about 500Mb over 2 disks and most have more than this space
free.  Fdisk then reports that the C startable partition is 2095136 Mb which
obviously it isn’t and goes on to say that ‘the partition mapping on drive 1
may be corrupted’.  The drive is a 4.3Gb made by IBM.  It is not possible to
make a partition on either of the drives installable.

Any help would be appreciated


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Access violation in PMMERGE when printing.


I’ve got a printing problem with a history. I had one network card and
everything was fine. I added another and have not been able to print

The first card was PNP and when the driver was loading, it reported that
it was using IRQ 5. That’s when my problems started because the printer
uses IRQ 5, right? Anyway, it showed IRQ problem tendencies by beeping
and gawking when you tried to print. I tried to bump the IRQ up by
telling the BIOS that all IRQs below 10 were to be used by PNP PCI and
all those 10 and above Legacy ISA. The driver still loaded using IRQ5.

Then, I booted off DOS, and used EZSTART (it’s an SMC using the SMC8000
driver) to bypass PNP and specifically use IRQ 10, which it did, but the
printing problems remained only this time I get the access violation.
When printing from Netscape, after the access violation window closes,
it tells me that it can’t use the spooler and is going to print directly
to the port, but there is no intelligent output. Even using TYPE
CONFIG.SYS>LPT1 shows some of the lines are encroaching on each other
and garbled characters.

Ideas anybody?

Thanks, Mike.

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Fix pack 37 and Warp 3.0

I installed fix pak 37 on a warp 3.0 station. We use Novell for the
network o/s and since the install I can not get the requester to
function properly…. It forces the NIC to 4 mps and we are running at
16…. Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions?

Please email with anything!!!!

Bob Dehn

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CD-ROM install problem


                I have just installed Warp 3 on my system again using System Commander
Deluxe and I am having trouble with Warp not seeing my CD-rom drive.
It’s a Memorex 32 speed. I got it because it specifically said on the
box that it was OS2 compatible. I took that to mean it had it’s own OS2
drivers, but the instructions said to select the non-listed CD-ROM
option at instillation and it would go. No luck on that. OS2 isn’t even
seeing the CD-ROM. I have tried re-installing it after I got Warp 3 up
and running with no fix packs, (and it seems to be running fine except
for the CD) with no luck.

        The CD-ROM works fine under Windows 95 and DOS, so the hardware seems
to be good. If anybody out there has any ideas why Warp can’t see this
drive I would appreciate hearing it.  Something System Commander doing
to me maybe?

        Thanks in Advance.

                Dave Berryhill.

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system trap errors after applying FP6

I recently applied an RSU of FP6 to Warp 4.0 about a week ago.
on the first successful attempt when I tried to access any of my drives
the system was abruptly halted by a trap that read:

"The system has encountered a processing error at ##150.3a97"

also it took the form of a trap c error

"…………at #150.3a97:000c

I attempted to solve the problem by applying the fixpak over it self to update
any corrupted files, but the system still generated the error.

Has anybody experienced this error with FixPak #6 ? I never have before

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MWAVE Problem

I have a problem, I don’t know when it started by I suspect sometime
around after fixpack 5 or 6 (Warp 4.0).

For some time, my MWAVE Fax/Modem does not answer any calls. The
discriminator always hangs up after a couple of rings without passing
the call to any application. This occurs with every fax/voice or modem
application I have.

Every other MWAVE feature such as outgoing voice/fax/modem calls,
digital audio play/record and wavetable audio work without any problem.

What gives? Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,

Itai Danan

Itai Danan                          

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Is my modem working?

Hello all,

How can I tell if my modem is properly configured and working? I have
tried to send a fax but with no success. What is the installing

I am running Warp 3.0…


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