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Slippm.exe not working

Lost DOIP to internet. Returns message cannot find so32dll file.

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Re: CDROM on SB32 in Warp 3.0: tried everything?

On Mon, 21 Sep 98 00:23:09, Chris Campbell wrote:

:>I’m finding it impossible to get the CDROM drive to work.  I spent
:>nearly all day scouring the newsgroups and I believe I have now added
:>everything under the sun to my config.sys.  Naturally, some of it
:>probably should not be there.

Thanks to everyone for all the help.  I took the easy route of just
slaving the CDROM off the hard drive, and it works fine, with just the


It seems obvious in retrospect, but I was just chugging along trying to
get the CD to work with the soundcard, instead of simply slaving it off
the motherboard IDE port.  Just had to buy a new IDE cable and move a

The SB32 card is PnP, which provided all sorts of config entertainment
with my 486 non-PnP system back when I installed it.  So I suspect that
the last poster is correct about having to activate the sound card’s IDE
port.  I had absolutely no interest in revisiting the sound card config
rat’s nest, so just went with the slave method.

Chris Campbell
c-dot-campbell-at-pobox-dot-com   (make appropriate substitutions)

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Cant copy CD to floppies

IM trying to switch from 95 to OS2 warp4. My CD drive
doesn’t work with OS2 so I tried to make copies to disk
instead. I have used three machines so far and I get the
same problem. After the third disk it says it cant format
the floppies. I have tried different disks without any luck.
Has anybody had a similar problem? Is there a fix? Thanks
for your time. This is keeping me up at night =)


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Need some help with install problem

I wish to reinstall os/2 warp 4 back onto my machine, there is a
problem. It installs fine with the boot disks, reboots and starts up
the maintenance screen then the info box starts up and says
Intializing Installaton Program, then just hangs there. Have left like
that for over 2 hours.  (mouse cursor still able to move)
I have tried booting with hardware detection off, which did not help.
It will boot to a command prompt. I have started the install.exe from
here but it now will give me the first screen (where you get to choose
printer, video card etc) but again will hang. Eventually a box comes
up to tell me that install.exe is not responding. The error it
displays is
 Warp 4 was on this machine 7 months ago in the same partion.
The only thing that has changed is I installed a AMD266
I do have the new drivers for the large hard drives
Particulars on the computer are as follows

AMD K6 266
Maxtor 6.4 G hard drive
D:and E: programs
F: OS/2
G: 32 speed CDrom hooked up as a slave on the primary controller
Matrox Mystique
Sound card has been removed to get Warp installed first.
Any help to get this installed would be appreciated.

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I’ve done a sequence of stupid things, trying to delete the elephant.

Tried deleting the directory, but artchron.exe wouldn’t delete or rename.
Then I retored the stuff from the installation cd, but that introduced the
installation ini file and when I went to deinstall from the Installed Features
folder, I couldn’t check the box.  I ran checkini and that yielded a checkable
box, but it won’t deinstall.

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Removing Partitions


My name is Curtis.

I’m trying to help a customer with the OS 2 Warp he bought for his
computer a while back.

In repairing his system on his hard drive, the customer wants to delete
a HPFS partition.  The customer claims to have done that, but FDISK
still doesn’t recognize the partition.  So, how does one remove remove
this partition so that FDISK can recognize this partition, reformat, and
then reinstall the entire system.


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Boot manager bootable partitions shows FAT and HPFS only

I have a 4.8 GB hard drive with Boot manager on one primary partition,
Windows NT 4 on a second primary partition, called C:, OS/2 Warp 4 on a
third primary partition, called C: but "hidden" from the other C:, and a
logical FAT partition called D:.

I chose the NTFS format for the NT 4 partition,  but Boot manager calls it

 Boot manager seems to only label disk formats as FAT or HPFS eventhough
there are other disk formats around… The new different formats get
labeled as HPFS…

Is this the way Boot manager is designed or am I missing something? I want
to label a new format by its right name, not as HPFS… Is there a way to
do this?


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OS/2 and extra page when printing…

I recently installed OS/2 on one of my PC.  I have an IBM Network 12
printer which I connect to it.  When I print, OS/2 would add a blank
page automatically for no apparent reason.  I share the printer thru a
auto switch box with a PC running Win95 and it prints just fine.  Any


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Warp 4 won't boot after fixed patch

I found this error after fixpatch 5 (OS/2 Warp 4 localize edition)
OS/2 is unable to operate your harddisk or diskette drive.
The system is stop.
Correct the precedding error and restart the system.

Then I try ALT-F1, F2 to command prompt but it won’t work
others keys brings to the same errors.

please help me.

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boot manager for OS/2 and NT: HOWTO?


        I have an all SCSI Warp 4 system. I would like to (like? no,
have to! :-) add NT4 to the system on an extra disk and use the
OS/2 Boot Manager to handle both OSs. My plan is to xcopy all of
the OS/2 partion to the new disk with a boot manger on it then
swap SCSI IDs and install NT on the wiped old disk.
        What I am looking for is a "HOWTO" that outlindes this so I
do not mess up my OS/2 partition. I guess this is "out there" some-
where. Does someone have a pointer or hints?


Sven Rogge

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