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PCI Modem under Warp 3

I have just upgraded to a DFI motherboard and an
AMD K6-2 300Mhz processor, 64MB RAM and an ATI
XPERT@Work, and from a PhoebeMicro 33.6 modem to
a Lucent Technologies PCI V.90 modem. I can get
both modems to work just fine in Windows 95, but
I can’t get either modem to work under OS2. At
first I tried just the new modem. I tried 3
different IRQ’s: 3, 9, 11. I even changed the
address from E400 to 02E8 to no avail. So I put
the old modem back in at 02F8 IRQ 3. Yes, I have
put the parameters for COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS in
config.sys. The system won’t even load those
drivers if I specify
(4,E400,3) or 9 or 11
or even
(4,2E8,3) or 9 or 11

Any help would be greatly apreciated,

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Sorry about my bad english!
    How i can install OS2, if i have 2 primari partition and NT installed on
first primari.
 My partitions:
1.400Mega-Primari NTFS
2.860Mega-DOS PrimariFAT
    If i dry install OS2, his fdisk will see :
C 32 Mega Primari HPFS
D 860 Mega Primari FAT

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ATI hangs DOS Windowed sessions

The new GRADD 0.79 driver hangs my DOS windowed sessions never comes back
with a C prompt.  Full screen works fine but windowed sessions hang.

Running an ATI – 264GTB Bios – Graphics Pro Turbo – (Rage chipset) PC2TV card.
Installed the ATI GRADD and seamless DOS hangs which also disables samless WIN-OS2

Harold Henkel

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warp v3 selective install locks up — HELP ME!

I just bought os/2 warp v3 today, and am very frustrated to find that it
simply won’t install! It does the stuff it is suppossed to do from the
boot floppies (I have the CD-version), and then does the first reboot
when it loads os/2 from the harddrive. It then runs the install program,
and says initializing, please wait, and then the computer just

I am using a P133, 32meg RAM, 1gig IDE harddrive, ATAPI cd-rom
Linux is also installed on a 4gig IDE drive.

Thanks a lot for your help.

    – Paul

Amiga / Linux / Esperanto / Psion
Hazarda Proverbo:   630.01  Du mortojn vi ne havos, de unu vi vin ne savos.

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Installing OS/2 v2.1x on CPQ Prolaint 1600R

Trying to install OS/2 on a Proliant server.  Locks up during diskette #1 of
the install.  Need help.

Sean B.
Charlotte NC

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Are OS/2 and Linux safe from NT's signing disks?

Apologies if the question has been asked before.

I keep NT out of my OS/2 & Linux disk, since it canibalized their MBR once
before which cost me dearly. My OS/2 and Linux live happily on SCSI disk 1
now, and if I need to use NT, I turn on external SCSI #0 where NT resides and
boots before scsi #1 gets its turn.

I didn’t let NT to put a signature on scsi #1 so far, thus NT disk manager
couldn’t touch it by now. But somehow, it is becoming inevitable now.

Is it safe to let NT sign an OS/2 or Linux disk? Has anyone done this before?

Thanks much,


P.S. Pls respond by e-mail if possible. If there is plenty of interest, I
would summarize the answer(s).

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Aurora and 386hpfs

The Aurora beta doesn’t let me install 386hpfs even though I was
running it previously under Warp Server Advanced. Or to put it another
way I haven’t found the right settings to run it without getting a
trap error when the server starts up.

So I have to de-install 386hpfs. How to do this? Hpfs can see the
directories created under 386hpfs but not the files.

Do I have to back up my data files while running under 386hpfs and
then restore under hpfs or is there an easier way?

Or if anyone has got Aurora Server running under 386hpfs from Warp
Server Advanced please let me know what I should do.


Philip Nicholls

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Re: Can't operate scsi hard drive

On 23 Dec 1998 01:35:49 GMT, Jordan Krim wrote:

I am trying to help a friend install a new hard drive (IDE) and use

>manager to run several operating systems (Win95, Win98, OS/2, Linux).
>Presently the 200 Mhz Pentium system has a 2.1 GB SCSI drive on an Adaptec
>AHA-2940 (Fast SCSI-2) adapter.  Win95 also reports a AIC-6×60 SCSI Single
>Chip controller.  I am using WARP 3.0 (Redpack) install diskettes.
>When we boot from the first 2 install diskettes (install and #1) it doesn’t
>work.  I added the "BASEDEV=AIC7870.ADD /V" to diskette #1, but after the adapter
>reports the SCSI IDs, etc., the infamous "OS/2 is unable to operate your hard
>drive" message stops the system.  I have download the AIC7870.ADD dated
>10/27/98, and I have the >1GB enabled in the BIOS.  Also, someone mentioned
>disabling "sync negociation".  Do I need this?  I also tried to disable the
>caching (there is only internal).   Any other thoughts/suggestions would be

In my config.sys I have

basedev=os2aspi.dmd /share

The /share may be necessary if you have more than one SCSI adapter.


Rolf Lochb├╝hler, Vermont, USA

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OS/2 Warp on Dell Latitude CPi

FYI: I’d like to relate my experience getting Warp 4 running on the Dell
Latitude CPi 300.

For my purposes, the drivers I need are video, audio, and socket

The video driver provided at the OS/2 Device Driver Pak Online
( doesn’t work correctly, I
found one at the Thinkpad support site that is working at 1024x768x64k.
Download from
(This is a DOS program that creates the installation floppy.)

The audio driver can be downloaded from the DDPak. Select "Multimedia
Audio", then "Crystal Semiconductor", then "CS4237B". The file is
os2205fm.exe. I found that it was necessary to go into the BIOS setup
and set the audio system to "full duplex". It came set to half-duplex
and with this setting the driver failed to find the chip.

There is a beta socket services driver at the DDPak. Follow the links to
"PCMCIA Socket Services", then "Dell", then "Latitude CP". So far I’ve
been unable to make this driver work, both before and after installing
fixpak 9. The system halts almost immediately after booting. It’s
possible to recover by hitting F1 when the white "OS/2" is seen in the
upper corner, going to a command prompt, and commenting out the beta
driver in CONFIG.SYS. I’d be interested in hearing of anyone who’s
successful at getting this working. As this is a beta driver, the web
page gives an email address for reporting problems, and I’ve submitted a

When I installed fixpak 9, the Synaptics touchpad stopped working. I
found it necessary to revert to the original MOUSE.SYS to regain control
of the touchpad. The old driver is dated 8/12/96, and the new
(non-working) is 2/9/98.

mailto:sh… (Death to Spam!)

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Asus P5A-B Motherbaord

I’m interested in getting this board as an update to use with an AMD
350 CPU. I ran across something last week in reference to the the
IBMS506.add only bus masters InTel chip sets. Anyone running this
combo? Are there in fact bus master drivers available? Does the
IBMS506 in fact work OK with the ALI Aladin 5AGP chipset? I wish to
use the board with OS/2 Warp4, Win 95, and Linux. I appreciate any and
all opinions

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