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PCI 56k modem from ArchTek. Will it work?

I have not been able to get it to work yet.  It is based on the Rockwell
chips.  Is this one of the PCI windows modems that I have read so many
talking about?

Should I try to get it exchanged for an ISA modem?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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fp 26 installed nicely. Now how do I upgrade the MMPM?

I’d like to thank the person who gave me some hints when my installation
of fp26 went wonky.  I’d zipped my os2 directory prior to installation,
and unzipped it over itself, then reapplied the fixpack.  Everything works
fine now, and WordPro installed without a complaint (it needed fp26 before
it would even THINK of installing itself ;)  So now that I have Open32 on
my system, what can I do with it?  Can I run the Win-OS/2 software? (That
thingy wot makes Win95 programs run on OS/2).

Now the other part.  Who can direct me to an address to upgrade my MMPM
stuff to run MP3 files?  Will the MMPM specific stuff do it, or will I
have to put FP39 on (someone I was talking to said that DART (which most
MP3 players need) was included on FP39).

Thanks for your support!


Aubrey J. Hollemans

These ideas are Mine, Allll Mine!

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DOS Window Graphics Problem

I’ve got Warp 4.0 (without any fixpacks atm – see below)

I’ve also got an ATI XPert 98 AGP graphics card, for which I’m
told there are no drivers for OS/2 cos of AGP.
Anyway, I got it working using the general GRADD driver, and
everything seems fine, except ….

when I open a DOS window, the screen goes blank in 1024×768.
In 640x480x256, the screen corrupts in a wierd way, and looks like
something has gone wrong with the paging system.

If I open a DOS Full-Screen, and press Alt-Home, it works OK, and moves
perfectly happily into a DOS Window without screwing the display. Also
WinOS2 refuses to work at all, either in full-screen or in seamless
window mode. Any ideas?

Secondly, I’ve downloaded the FP9 disk images.  Is there anyway I
can just expand them into a directory and do it from there instead
of creating loads of disks, which I hate waiting for!

Steve Storey.

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v4——>small lan

I understand that v4 has networking capabilities.
I use a dos based cad program [DataCad] and I want to increase my
printing and plotting throughput and also provide a place for the
laptop[computer3] to update files. Printing through the parallel port
takes to long for graphics files…what speed does it transfer data
anyway?……. Can v4 manage this?

        F i g u r e   # 1

        printer1        printer2
                |       |
                |       |
                3com 100/10
                dual speed hub
                |       |
                |       |
        computer1       computer2
        server/         workstation
        workstation     Warp3

If the above would not work, then I would try this option:

        F i g u r e   # 2

                        printer1  printer2
                        |         |<———–parallel port
                        |         |
        server/         print server/<———-spooler enabled
        workstation     workstation             print priority maxed out
        Warp4           Warp3                   enable print while spool’g
                                                que priority maxed out

     LARRY L.BISSELL>>>>>>>>>> architect
|||| PO Box 12559    San Luis Obispo, Ca. 93406
|||| 805-543-6842

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BootManager and large drives

I’m trying to install OS/2′s Boot Manager to help out with a dualboot
NT4.0/Win98 system but I can’t seem to get BM to see my 8.4 GB drive
properly.  Am I doing something wrong or is there a limit?  This is the
configuration I want.
    1) NT 4.0 on 1st 7.4 GB partition formatted NTFS
    2) Windows 98 on next 1 GB formatted FAT16
    3) 10 bytes for BM

Thanks for any insight


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Mouse Problems

Having problems getting Merlin installed.  Install process doesn’t recognize
the Thinkpad pointer as a mouse.

Any Ideas?

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Numlock ON at bootup?

Hi – I’m running Warp V4 FP9 on my new Dell.  It’s a joy to use, but it’s
maddening to have to always turn on the Numlock key after I boot up.  I
figured this was probably addressed in a fixpack somewhere along the way and
I just missed it.  Is there a switch I can use somewhere in config.sys that
will turn on my NUMLOCK key at boot?



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AutoFTP with Warp3

anybody know how to auto upload files via ftp with Warp3?


Carl S.
Harvey, IL USA Warp3
carls… — csh…
The DeadBeatt Page BBS 708 333-4772
ICQ for Java 6064274

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Can Java1.1.7 show Traditional Chinese under English OS/2 Warp 4.0?


   Does anyone successfully display Traditional Chinese text using
Java1.1.7 unifont under English OS/2 Warp 4.0?  I was able to display
Traditional Chinese in my English OS/2 using Java1.1.6, but 1.1.7
won’t do it!  It’s strange that I can still display Japanese…

   I wonder is it a problem of the Java fixpack or a problem of my
current system? (Maybe corrupted ini file?)  If you can successfully
display Traditional Chinese text, please email me at




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OS/2 v.4 install

I am having problems installing Warp on a K6-2 333MHz computer. After
install disk one is inserted into floppy, there is a few seconds of disk
activity, and then all is quiet. The screen goes blank at this time
also. Has anyone had any or know of any problems w/the K6-2 and OS/2.
Any info would be appreciated.

Enjoy the Ride!
Roger Crane

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