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UMC chipset – 486/586 mobo

        Any 486/586 motherboards (you know, AMD 5×86/Cyrix 5×86 socket 3
boards) running with the UMC chipset under OS/2 will see some pretty bad
disk i/o scores under SysBench when running them with the IBM1S506
driver.  Low to my surprise, ALi’s present 1997 busmaster driver does make a
small improvement.  Instead of the 99% cpu usage, it’s down to 72%, and
the bus/cache has bumped up about 0.500 in score.  Again, not much but is
better than nothing.  Go to Hobbes (, I uploaded
the ALi driver there.

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IDEDASD problem?

I’ve recently had a run of problems with my Warp 4 (no fixpack)
DX4/100 system. An application error would cause the system to hang
and reset wouldn’t work: the boot procedure says it can’t access the
hard drive.  Powering off and then on again resulted in a normal boot.

I’d never seen this before two weeks ago, and I can’t think of any
change I’ve made other than installing IDEDASD.EXE. Since the error
message appears before I make the choice of which partition to boot,
the problem can’t be with IDEDASD at bootup. What can it have done to
the disk to make the BIOS (boot manager?) boot behave as it does? If
the problem isn’t due to the new disk driver, what could be the cause?


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DANIS506 Beta 5 trap at boot

I get a TRAP at boot with the newest copy of this driver.

Board is a FIC PA-2007 — this is a VIA VP2. Happens
even when I set the modes to most conservative. Anyone
get this driver to work on this board, or on any VP2 board?

(Disks are a Quantum Fireball EX and and IBM Deskstar 3 (unformatted), if
that makes any difference.)


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Asus P5A-B, AMD K6-2/300, and Warp 4

This was my experience with the Asus P5A-B, AMD K6-2/300, 64 Mb RAM, and
Warp 4 as described in the subject line.

First, I dropped this board (with a new video card) into my box which ran
a AMD586-133 (clock quadrupled 486).  It ran fine but in the process I
discovered a problem with the partition table (which I believe is
independent of this upgrade).  I decided to reinstall for this reason and
to install Solaris 2.6.

I installed Solaris 2.6, Windows NT, DOS, and OS/2.  All but OS/2
installed flawlessly (which leads me to believe it’s not a hardware
problem).  On a FAT partition, OS/2 puked on hard disk boot stating that
OS2DASD.DMD was not found.  I tried two different hard drives and
partitions without any change.  Press Alt-F2 on boot, everything boots up
fine.  This meant I could never get past the first install pass on a FAT
drive without pressing Alt-F2.

On an HPFS partition, I am able to get it past the second pass of install
because OS2DASD.DMD is copied to the root directory of the partition.  On
the third pass, it is copied to \OS2\BOOT and it pukes.  Again, Alt-F2 and
there’s no problem.  Fortunately, by copying OS2DASD.DMD from the boot
floppy to the hard disk root directory allows me to run OS/2.

This behavior is the same for the "native" IDE drivers and the new (large
hard disk) IDE drivers.  If anyone has some advice, I’d like to hear it.
Otherwise, if someone else has the troubles I have, they can try this and
see if things improve.  I never had such problems with several 486 boards
I’d used in the past.

David (d dot forrai at ieee dot org)
(The FROM: address is for spammers only)

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Setting up dail other' and

Does anyone have setup with OS/2? I get the following messages when
I use their info on how to setup DOP.

warn: local IP address rejected by peer
error: [ipcp-up] could not determin local IP address
error: [cifaddr] route icctl(SIODELRT)10003

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Where to find a Binary or Hex Editor ??

Where can I find a Binary or Hex editor ?


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New Freeware Utility

To try out a new utility to synchronize a directory’s file contents, check

Alex Blair

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Problems with Warp4 installation

I would appreciate if someone could help me. I’m having a lot of
trouble installing Warp4. I did it before, several times and I had no
problems with it. Now, it was when I was installing it to 850 mb HDD.
I know that W4 has problems with detecting large drives, but I think
it only counts for 8,4 gb and more. I have a 6,4 gb HDD now.
Okay, let’s get to the point. FDISK does not recognize partitions
right. Some are not listed, all of them are wrong capacity, etc. When
entering FDISK it also complains that partition tables might be
corrupt. That is not the case since i have Windows installed as well,
and also some additional partitions (logical). I can delete partitions
from the list, but I can’t create them. Needles to say that "make
installable" does not function. I was wondering whether there is a
newer version of fdisk or should I install that large disk support
after all…
Thank you!

—             v
        Igor Krizevan  |
                       >\ T."CGL".r.
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ESS- Audio 1878

Hallo NGs

Ich habe Probleme mit dem ESS-Chip 1878 in einem Laptop. Egal, welche
Treiber ich bisher von ESS ausprobiert habe, es will kein Ton kommen,
der Rechner bleibt mit einem Trap d (?) beim booten stehen.  Der Chip
ist iO, unter Win9x funktioniert es. Hat irgendjemand diesen Chip
unter OS/2 am laufen ? Welcher Soundblaster-kompatible koennte klappen

I have problem running the Soundchip ESS1878 on a Laptop. None of the
driver from ess- homepage work correctly. When rebooting, the system
hangs with a trap d. Under Win9x, the chip works ok. Anyone here who
solved this problem ?
Does any soundblaster driver do that ?

thanks for hints



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Thorsten H. Niebuhr

..running Aurora

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why no 'analog' sound from CD to sound card?

I added a Toshiba scsi CD-rom to a box which already had a Toray PD-CD scsi drive, and a SoundBlaster
AWE32 sound card.

The Toray is connected on the analog rear output to the white input on the SoundBlaster, & works as expected.

The Toshiba is connected on the analog rear output to the black input on the SoundBlaster, and there is no
sound, in ‘Monitor audio’ = ‘analog’ mode.  However, the headphone output works, and ‘Digital transfer’ works
[though there are pauses if the system gets busy with other stuff].

Indeed, I can play one audio CD on the Toray and one one the Toshiba, simultaneously, though I don’t want to
<g>.  But I can’t get the Toshiba to use the analog cable.  Getting a cable was no picnic, so I can’t easily just try
another cable.  Assuming the cable is not bad, what else might be the problem?


Peter Wadsack <wads…>
Wadsack Management; Madison WI USA

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