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USB Printer

has anybody tried to use epson 900 printer  any other printer with USB port?
I need some help with installing it, actually I installed USB support but I
don’t know how to setup output port
can anybody help me on that?

Thanks in advance



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Crystal problems


I have recently bought Crystal codec 4237B based soundcard for my new
OS/2 machine, under the influence of Timur Tabi’s web page. I know Timur
is no longer associated with OS/2 MMedia development in any way, but I
hope he or someone else on this group may be able to help me.

I have downloaded and installed Crystal drivers 2.07 (WT, since my card
has MIDI daughterboard attached). Drivers kinda work, but not good.
First problem is that sound levels are mixed randomly, e.g. MIDI level
is too low, WAV too high and when changing the level for system sounds
it jumps either to very high or very low between settings 15-16 and
cannot be adjusted to anything suitable.

The driver package lacks documentation. There is a file included
but this one is apparentely from the older version of the drivers. Its
list of files included is not correct, it does not correctly describes
the installation options and it does not describe at all the new Crystal
MIDI driver included. Also, the changes to my CONFIG.SYS produced by
installation are different from the ones described in the

OS/2 MIDI playback causes 100% CPU load which stays on forever even
after I close MIDI file or MIDI player. Each attempt to open FS DOS or
WinOS2 session afterwards lead to severe system slow-down. FS WinOS2 is
unusable until the next OS/2 reboot. I have enabled all DOS/WinOS2
configuration settings mentioned in the driver documentation
(INT_DURING_IO, HW_TIMER, etc.) but this did not help.

Please, save my system’s sound!


"Ivan Adzhubei" <i…>

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extended memory anyone

I have a program from the 286-days (for you older folks) which
wants to use extended memory. Is there (and how do i get at it)
any config or other things that one can do to make extended
memory available to this prog under win-os2. I’d hate to set
up a dod partition for this prog alone.

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Problem installing new disk

I recently added a 6.4GB Quantum as secondary slave to my system.  I have
it partioned and formatted.

Two problems:

1]  when in the boot stage, I get an error
Error reading disk 131
just before and after the boot manager screen.

It seems likely that it has something to do with BM, but I’m not sure.

Anybody know what it is and how to fix?


Paul Schwartz


pgp public key sent on request

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Re: InJoy problem

On Wed, 24 Mar 1999 00:02:25 -0600, askbill*AT* wrote:
>NEGATIVE!   **INTERNAL** modem needs the corresponding serial port turned
>OFF to avoid address and/or IRQ duplication (I avoid by using COM3 &
>IRQ5). An **EXTERNAL** modem needs the port to which it is connected
>turned **ON**. External USB is a whole ‘nother story.

Any comments on the following?
I have a Hayes PnP internal modem (which I don’t particularly like) currently
set to com2: on IRQ3 using DEVICE=COM.SYS (2,2f8,3).  Com1 is my mouse, and I
have another serial port on the motherboard that I’m trying to activate.  The
BIOS allows only IRQ 3 or 4, and a variety of addresses.  So I’m trying to
relocate Com2 to IRQ15 by changing the config.sys line above to COM.SYS
(2,2f8,15).  It seems produce the correct result in the hardware manager, but
DOIP fails with slattach unable to connect.  Rats.

Ben Braun

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CD-ROM, Help

I have a Standard, aka. Cyber x40 Cd Rom. Atapi
Works on Win 95, but cannot bring it up on Os/2.
When I used the install disk in a: dr. it froze os2
and I had to reinstall. (first time ever)
Using Pentium11, 350.
Os2 is on drive D: It will not recognize
drive F, for the CD.

I know this sounds stupid, but I am.
Any help appreciated.


al… (ALDEL)

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OS/2 and Boot Manager / Type 0F extended partitions

Hi all –
        I run Warp 4.0, at fixpack level 6 (yeah, I know they’re now up to
10).  I have three OS’s on this machine, with three large HD’s (8.6 gigs
each).  Boot Manager (and OS/2 in general) can’t seem to "see" inside of
Windoze 98′s new type 0F "extended X" partitions (my Linux partitions are
all logicals, as is my second HPFS partition – so, to boot Linux (from Boot
Manager) and OS/2 (couldn’t see its second drive), I had to edit the
partition table and change the partition type identifiers on these back to
05, which has caused some weirdness in Windoze).  Do any of the newer
fixpacks address this problem?  Thanks — Bob

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X progs can't create files

        It seems that a bunch of ported X programs I try to run cannot
create new files. If I create the file for them, they can open it, but
otherwise no. Can anyone help me here? Thanks in advance.

Ron Blatt

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Strange CD-ROM problem…

I have a SONY CDU55E CD-ROM drive which I used, along with the two
installation disks, to install OS/2 v.3 onto my 540MB Maxtor hard
drive. Everything worked fine. Then I erased the hard drive.

Then I installed MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1. Fine again. Then I
erased the hard drive again.

Then I installed Linux and erased it. I decided to go with OS/2. But
when I reinstalled it the second time, the installation went ahead as
it had the first time until the "remove all diskettes to continue the
installation" (I’m paraphrasing here) part when the computer reboots.
After the reboot the desktop comes up, but the installation halts with
the message that OS/2 cannot access the source drive (i.e. the CD-ROM)
anymore. My question is, why not? It did the first time I installed it
during both parts of the installation and the second time I installed
it during the first part.

I virus checked the boot sector and zapped Lilo using FDISK/MBR, so I
am at a loss as to what is wrong. Any help would be greatly

Barry Wagner.

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No network services are started.

After using OS/2 for years on my desktop machine, I’m finally trying to network it with a
laptop running Win 95.

I have the following in MPTS:
Kingston EtheRx Client PCI Ethernet Adapter
     0 – IBM OS/2 NETBIOS
     0 – IBM TCP/IP

The system boots without error and the machine can ping itself.

The machine cannot ping the laptop, nor can the laptop ping the OS/2 machine.

Furthermore, things under "Connections" don’t work apparently because the requester
isn’t running.

Here’s an example of another problem.

[C:\]net start
No network services are started.
Do you want to start the requester service? (Y/N) [Y]: y
The REQUESTER service is starting………….
The REQUESTER service could not be started.
NET3056: A system error has occurred.

For more information, type HELP NET3056.
NET3502: OS/2 error 54 has occurred.
SYS0054: The network is busy or is out of resources.

Any hint as to what I should try next? These various errors shown here don’t provide any
useful information to me.

Thanks, John
John Dow                      xj…     
Visit my web site for tools and utilities I’ve developed for Symantec’s Q&A database.

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