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os2 warp 3 freezes during install

Hi, I’ve just gotten a copy of OS/2 Warp version 3 (with WIN-OS2) and
have been trying to install it on my Dell Latitude XP450 laptop.  Since
I don’t have a CD-ROM on the laptop, I made installation floppies from
the images on the CD-ROM on my desktop PC.  The setup installed all 15
of the floppies and has now been sitting there in the "OS/2 Install is
now configuring the system" mode for four hours.  The mouse pointer
moves and everything, but it’s not accessing the hard drive or anything
at this point.  I’m going to let it sit overnight and see if anything
changes — it is a 486/50, after all — but if not… is this a common

The laptop has a 1.2GB hard drive (installing OS/2 into a FAT partition
with Windows 95) and 36MB RAM.


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Installation Hangs on Disk 1

I am having difficulty installing Warp 4 on my computer…I originally
tried the old diskette 1, and then I found out about the updates, so I
updated the disk and the system still hangs when the disk is read…Any
more ideas? (PS — If you could please email me directly at

Doug Winnie

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PCMCIA and 1460D Problems :-(

Hi all,

can someone please tell me how to set up a 1460 to a spezified IRQ ?

my adapter always want to use irq#12 witch is used by the trackpoint
(ps2) :-(

and the carddirector assign irq #9 to it ???

i reserved irq#10 and #11 for my pcmcia slots, how can i tell this to
the carddirector ???

my 3com ne2000 gets irq#11…

please help!

i also have a second prob with the aha1460 :

if i burn a cd or read in many files with my cdrom, os2 gets terrible
stuck! i cant move my mouse in a normal way and the windows are drawn
very very slow!!! :-(((

so there is no more multitasking possible, first i believed it a
os2-driver problem, but i have the same probs under win98 (not that
terrible, but the mouse also cant be moved smoothly anymore…)

maybe this is a hardware-setup problem ? not sure…

if set the pci-irq to #9 , so that my 1460 gets irq #10, not sure if
thats the prob!? if i set the pci-irq to #15 i have no scsi anymore
(see the problem above…)

the card is working in another notebook without any probs! (only
testet with win98 on a non ibm system)

i have a Ibm thinkpad 560z with Warp4 FP10 installed,

i am open for a hints and tips,


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New OS/2 system – proper installation order?

I’m installing OS/2 on one of my new systems, and since I’m starting
from scratch, I have to install everything at once. I’ve read about
some interdependencies between some components, so I’d like to know
the proper order to install these parts:

* OS/2 base OS
* Matrox Millennium video drivers
* Fixpak 10
* Java 1.1.7
* Netscape 4.04
* Everything that plugs into Netscape
* Other software, which doesn’t mess with system DLLs or other components

Are there any catches here? The only advice I could find concerns lower
fixpaks or earlier versions of Java, so I’m not sure if those would
be valid here.



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Warp4 FixPack 10 trouble…

I used the RSU which automatically downloaded and unzipped the
CSF and XR files.

When the install procedure attempts to run the following command,
I get a SYS3175 error, access violation at 0000000c.

There is definitely enough room on the archive drive I chose.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

–EdB  <e…>
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OS/2 won't finish re-boot sequence from fully operational desktop. Clues to settings?

Has anybody run across the above?  I have the Giga-Byte GA-6BXDU dual Pentium
mobo and embedded Adaptec 7896 dual channel U2W SCSI controller, 440 BX
AGPset, and ATI AGP video.

If the desktop is fully initialized, I cannot CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart the
machine.  I get the "system is rebooting, please wait …" message and I hear
some pages getting written to disk, but the re-boot does not complete.  I have
to press RESET and on boot-up I have to endure a verrry slow set of CHKDSK

On the flip side, if I shut down OS/2 to the point where the WPS closes and
ends with the box saying I can CTRL-ALT-DEL to restart, that reboot works just

Sound familiar to anyone?  If so, is there a fix or parameter setting I
overlooked?  I referred to a fully operational desktop in case you think I
ought to know better and just shut down, but I described the desktio at the
state where I might get what I detect a "hang" condition and simply want to do
a quick boot (which I currently cannot do.)

Incidentally, NT and DOS behave okay …

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OS/2 and U2 Wide SCSI: Possible to set device address > 7?

The question is in the subject line.  While I’m waiting for my new disk to
arrive, I wired up an Ultra-Wide SCSI CD-ROM at address 15 on the Adaptec 7896
dual channel SCSI controller embedded on my motherboard.

I’m sure I could get NT to see it, but OS/2 won’t.  Any leads?  I have a set
of 7896 drivers for OS/2.

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Problem Networking Warp and WIN98

       I am a total novice at this business of networking two home computers
together, so I am looking for some expert help.

      I have installed Netgear FA310TX NICs in PCI slots in my Warp4 machine
and in my wife’s WIN98 machine and connected the two with a crossover cable.

       I believe I have followed the procedures I have garnered from various
sources as to how to do this, but the machines still do not recognize each
other.  The OS/2 machine does not appear in Win98′s "Network Neighborhood" and
the WIN98  machine is not seen by OS/2.

       This is what I’ve done:

         On the WIN98 machine everything appears to go normally.  The NIC device
driver is installed and recognized in the Windows control panel under Network
Configuration. Under Primary Network Logon "Client for Microsoft Networks" is
selected.  Under Identification I have chosen "WIN98" for the Computer Name
and "OS2PEER" as the Workgroup.  I also have set up the appropriate accesses
and shares.

         It is on the OS/2 machine that I appear to be lost and could use help.  

        1. The Netgear NIC card does not come with an OS/2 driver.  Do I need one? I
have installed and configured the MTPS system, had my Config.sys altered,
rebooted, etc. The MTPS configuration screen tells me that IBM OS/2 NETBIOS is
currently configured.  Does this mean my NIC card is recognized as installed?
Am I correct that this is all I need and that I do not need a NIC driver and
do not need to add any other adapter and protocol?

        2. I have set up the OS/2 machine’s SR&NC as "OS2" as my computer name and
"OS2PEER" as the Primary Domain Name (to match the Win’s Workgroup domain).
The Network is "LS" (not sure what this stands for but it can’t be changed).
I have set myself up as Network Administrator and assigned Users and Share
accesses.  I can start and log on to OS2PEER and under "File & Print Resource
Browser" an Icon for my machine appears.  Under its Properties>Network the
entries read: NETWORK "LS"
SERVER "OS2" and STATUS "Available".

        3.  Yet I cannot create a Connection for the WIN98 machine in SR&NC.  Only
OS2 is listed as a server  and when I select the OS2PEER domain I get an error
message that the "domain controller cannot be found".  I know nothing about
domain controllers.
Do I have one?  Do I need one?  Is it installable?  Or is all this irrelevant
and I am missing some simple step?

        4.  I am puzzled by the Server/Client issue.  Is WARP4 set up as both server
and client?  How about WIN98?

        5.  How can I find out if there is an IRQ for the OS/2 machine and that there
is no conflict.  I have tried RMVIEW  /IRQ but no Network card is listed
(although IRQ 8 is assigned to "RTC", whatever this stands for…)

             I know this is long and involved, but I would like to get it done.

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what files are needed to boot os/2 from floppy disk?

    I have a stupid question. I remember back in MS-DOS times. If I want to
boot DOS from floppy, there are only three files needed–io.sys, msdos.sys,
   So I keep wondering, what are the basic system files for os/2 to
successfully boot from floppy?


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PC no keyboard

I’M italian……hello world….

PC less Keyboard? BIOS?????

help me please…!!!!


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