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need help installing

im trying to install os2 warp 3 on a 8 gig drive i cant get it to read my
harddrive right what do i do

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Saving old mails

I have got mail in so many programs from different isps. How do I
gather this old mail up and free up some space?

Mr2Ice, Navigator, Communicator and PmMail are the programs.

Carl S., bigsho…, ICQ 6064274, TDP BBS +1(708)333-4772
OS/2 Warp 3, PC-DOS, Windoz98, Soon Linux RH

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Reinstalling everything and gettin the com ports right.


I for some reason fewlt the need to amoung many things I don’t
understand, change my default settings so my modem was com1 and mouse
was com2. So now I don’t have use of com3. I say was because along
with what I chose as a title, I am trying to say that I am going to
start all over from scratch with a new harddrive. YEAH!

And that means after somethun somethun years planing things out before
I install anything. Okay so to start I will be installing Warp 3 ,
PC-DOS7, doz98 and RH Linux 5.2

Now I know to start with changing my comm ports back and then
installing Warp3 ( just haven’t got around to buying Warp 4) then…

Carl S., bigsho…, ICQ 6064274, TDP BBS +1(708)333-4772
OS/2 Warp 3, PC-DOS, Windoz98, Soon Linux RH

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OS2 Video cards, GRADD, etc.

I’m trying an inexpensive 4-8 meg AGP video card for a new machine that
will run Warp 3.

I understand Warp 3 will use the GRADD drivers with FP 40.  It looks
like the best candidate is…

ATI Xpert98 8 meg AGP with a Rage Pro Turbo chipset.  It is available
for $53 from CompUSA.

Matrox’s are out of my price range.

Also trying to find a possible Hercules card and the…

Terminator 128/3D GLH AGP 8 meg with a S3 Trio 3D chipset might work but
I’m not sure.

Any feedback on the above or other card suggestions?  I’d rather avoid
the OEM packages that are abundant on Pricewatch.

                      email: rgib…

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Strange beep


I have strange problem with my Warp. It beeps every time it boots up.
But let me start from the beginning.
I tried to instal process commander. After restarting my computer it
kept giving me error message, and when I chose "end program …." it
gives me new error with PID for 1 higher then previous. C-A-D didn’t
work so I needed to hard reset my computer. Then I replaced config.sys
with backup (so that PC wouldn’t load) and after that every time I
reboot my computer beeps after executing startup.cmd and before opening
desktop. I have uninstalled PC, I have ran chkdsk /f on my OS2
partition and swapper partition, and I have ran checkini but beep is
still there. I tried uninstalling xfolder, removing everything from
startup folder, and even tried setting AUTOSTART=TASKLIST,LAUNCHPAD but
it still beeps. Then I tried "restart wps" from xfolder’s menu. And it
beeps when restarting wps. If I understood xfolders manual, "restart
wps" just kills pmshell and kernel restarts it again. So I think beep
is connected with starting pmshell. Any Idea what could it be?
Same thing happened to me a while back, also after hard reset (but PC
had nothing to do with it then). I had to reinstall because of some
stupid thing I did.
Everything else seems to work normal (Warp3 + FP40). Here is error log
from popuplog.os2:

06-19-1999  21:46:24  SYS2070  PID 0043  TID 0001  Slot 004f



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Video Card Chip Sets

Sorry I’m asking so many questions.  I haven’t been keeping up with the
latest greatest hardware and options.  Currently I’m trying to decide
on the best machine and components to buy.

The problem is video drivers.  While I see on IBM’s web site that many
chipsets are supported in the PCI version of the card, there is no
mention of whether the AGP version of the same card with the same
chipset will work. Does anyone know one way or another about this.

                      email: rgib…

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I have recently successfully used RSU to apply FP10, but I have a couple of

        First, I selected to save the Zipped files for the FixPak.  I really
dont need them now that I have determined that my system is functioning like
a fine Swiss watch , and would like to know if I can simply delete them from
the directory C:\$rsutmp$?

        Second, RSU created a directory C:\$rsutmp$\os2serv with the
subdirectories \FIX\OS2.1, \FIX\OS2.2, and \FIX\OS2.3.  Can the files in
these be deleted?

        Third, can I move the directory \$rsutmp$ from drive C: to drive D:?
If I do this, do I have to edit any files such as Service.log?

        Thanks to any who reply

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I can detect unnecessary work, thereby avoiding it."
— Dilbert

Paul M. Pilon
Halifax, NS Canada
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Setup of OS/2 without floppies?

Hello All!

I am trying to setup OS/2 on my machine. Unfortunately, it has a
SuperDisk drive (LS-120) (as opposed to a regular floppy drive) and
stops to load after the first or second diskette. Does anybody know how
to work around this?

Thanks for any info you can provide.


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Vesa super I/O card and boot manager – Won't boot

Hi folks.

Any old hands out there that remember the 486 vesa local
bus super i/o cards ?

Well I have OS/2 warp version 3.0 and use boot manager.
The book says that this type of card will not boot if
there are two drives attached unless you have special

The book is right !

All I know about the card is that it is VLB Super I/O and
that’s it.

Dejanews can’t help (which surprises me) and search
engines come up zilch.


Running a 486DX4/100/32, Win95, OS/2 3.0, Slackware 3.6

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Soundblaster Ensoniq AudioPCI 32

Greetings Jason,

18 Jun 99 18:43, Jason Stokes wrote to All:

 JS> Is there a way to make this work with OS/2?  I suspect,
 JS> that the answer is "no".

From Creative’s website they list that there is no OS/2 support for
 this card.

They don’t support this card under dos, if you want to use it under
 dos, it has to be in a dos box under win95/8.

Live Long and Prosper,


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