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failed Java 1.1.8 install

I grabbed Java 1.1.8 last night and attempted to install it–the install
failed, with the following line in wpinstal.log:

07-30-1999  10:36:10 PM **NULLID** :: Exception -1073741819 returned to instthrd.c 726l

I deleted the install object as per instructions…but

1. What should I do now to install Java?
2. Do I perhaps have an old version of Feature Install that has
   this problem?

    James Jones

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Two Questions

I am thinking about installing Java.  I have 4.04 and the new Feature
Installer.  Do I make a separate "Java" directory to download it into,
or download it into Netscape somewhere.
Next, if I purchase Warp 4, is it updated, in the box, to load to hard
drives larger than 4.3 or 8 gigs?  I originally had Warp 4, purchased in
July of 97, and it would not load on large disks without going thru the
gyrations of updating the disks yourself.  I traded it for Warp Connect

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How to Install Connect on Lage IDE Disks

Hello all,

I am having troubles to install the OS/2 Warp on a new harddisk with more
then 2GB (the installation programs do not seem to recognise the disk,
ginvin an error of bad disk).

Any idea to work around this problem?


Joao Pissarro
Inet.     piss…
Ampr:   ct1…
AX25:  ct1…

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FaxWorks freaked out on me???

I’ve got a really strange problem.  Running Warp 3 FP40, FaxWorks that
came with the Bonus Pack has always worked great.  Now for some reason
it refuses to work with my modem any more.  This is the third modem that
is has worked with, all US Robotics Sportsters, a 14.4, a 33.6 and

U.S. Robotics 56K Voice INT V4.7.35
Product ID: 66174981
Options: V32Bis, V.80, V.34++, x2, V.90
Fax Options: Class1 /Class 2.0

The error  I get is…

"Fax Modem on ‘FMD2′ does not respond correctly"

In fact I started to get some technical papers faxed to me and I tried
a site to make sure the modem was receiving OK and I received a FAX just
fine.  Then I set it up to receive and it ceased to work from that
point on.  I even replaced the modem thinking the ROM went south.
The modem is listed on FaxWorks home site and I’ve tried that and
several other possible modem set ups.

Actually all of that was senseless because the modem with it’s settings
has always worked fine.  I even reinstalled the software.  Patched it
too.  Port setup is right also.

And to add insult to injury it works just fine under 3Com’s RapidComms
under real DOS/Windoze.

Anybody out there who can solve this mystery?

                      email: rgib…

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Can I install from disk? Also multiple boot

Hello All,

I have problem with my Warp 4.0 CD. I can copy the contain into the hard
disk. But when I try to install it in my system. The installation failed, I
presume something wrong with the CD itself because the serface is a bit
damage. I just want to know, is it possible to install OS/2 from the hard
disk instead of the CD-ROM? I don’t really want to install from floppy (over
100 disks).

And I want to install multiple OS, Linux 6.0, NT 4.0 server and OS/2 4.0. I
have the system CD-ROM only. What I should download first?


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Printing Problem with new OMNI driver

I installed the new OMNI driver for my Canon BJC 610 and now whenever
I send a print job to the printer it form feeds a page before it starts printing.
Can anyone tell me how to stop this?

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How to deregister/uninstall IBM Touch device?

I (stupidly) installed the "IBM Touch Device" for the mouse selection in
selective install and I don’t have this device.
Does anyone know how to deregister/uninstall this device.

Rusty Boyd
The opinions expressed here are not necessarily.

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SIO problem (VSIO)


I have just decided to give SIO a try. So I have downloaded it and
installed (with install which comes with it). But when booting I have
SYS(something) VSIO cant load. I had no problems with com.sys and
vcom.sys and also sio.sys loads fine and is working right now. I have
no command line parameters when loading either sio.sys or vsio.sys.
Does anybody know what could this be?



Hal 9000: "Dave, put those Windows disks down….Dave…DAVE!"

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Audio setup problem


  I’ve installed an ASound Gold PnP card into my system.  I’ve followed
the directions and have had partial success.  The only way I can product
sound is by playing the Macaw.AVI.  The MIDI player always comes back
with error 5134 and states that the .MID does not exist.  Since even the
default PM sounds don’t work I suspect this is really a configuration problem
of some kind.

  I have noticed that the driver has been installed as "ALS1$" in the
config.sys.  However, the Hardware Manager reports the device as "ALS1$ (".

  Any suggestions are appreciated.


  David LaRue

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APM (driver)

Ok, the APM didn’t kick in. Normally it switched my monitor off, but it
didn’t. It only happened once, and that’s once too many.

I would like to know which apm.sys builds are available.

This is mine:

[C:\os2\boot]bldlevel apm.sys
Build Level Display Facility Version 5.28.348 Jan 22 1998
(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1993-1998
Signature:       @#IBM:9.33#@ IBM Device Driver for Advanced Power Management
Vendor:          IBM
Revision:        9.33
File Version:    9.33
Description:     IBM Device Driver for Advanced Power Management

If you have a newer one, please contact me.


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