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Linksys NIC?

I’m considering buying a Linksys Fast Ethernet Starter Kit which includes two
EtherFast 10/100 LAN Cards. I’ve been assured by Linksys technical support
that there is a downloadable driver for the card, and IBM’s device driver
site supports that. However, the tech rep also said that there was little
installation help for OS/2 and that you’re pretty much on your own if you
have problems.

Has anyone had experience with this card? Any other suggestions?

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Building remote installation diskettes for ThinkPad 600E

I am trying to build the three remote installation diskettes for my ThinkPad 600E.  
After having declared what NIC I am using, I have to choose the PCMCIA support, but my    
laptop does not appear in the list.  
How can I know what drivers I have to add to the diskettes (and on which ones) and what    
do I have to update in the config.sys ?  
Or is there another and easier procedure ?  

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OS/2 driver for AVA-2902A for cd-rw


I just bought a Smart & Friendly CD-RW Turbowriter
and it comes with an Adaptec AVA-2902A fast pci-scsi adapter.

I want to use this in OS/2 and Linux.  Anyone know of a driver
for this?  Is there a driver that will work that’s listed under a
card series name (78×0, 7850/ 7860), etc…

Any help would be appreciated.
Please email as well as newsgroup.

Stan Towianski

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USB printer ?

Today I bought a lexmark Z51 and it works perfectly good !

Any idea how to attach it with USB ? I have installed USB basic
support, but I think a port driver (.PDR) is missing ? In the printer
settings, USB is not listed as a port.


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Install Disk 1 hang on IBM1S506.ADD – solution found!


I’ve been attempting to install OS/2 on my new Thinkpad 1452 for the
past couple of weeks.  The problem I was running into was that
IBM1S506.ADD was hanging during the installation process.  I had heard
to try the DANIS506 driver, which I did.  The hang still happened.

I spoke with Daniela Engert, author of DANIS506, and she has found the
solution to the hang!  She mentioned that this hang has occurred on
other systems, such as Acer TravelMates.  She’s applied the fix in the
most current release of DANIS506, release 1.0.8.

I’m in the process of writing up install instructions for the Thinkpad
1452. I hope to have them up on Dr. Martinus’ OS/2 Notebook site early
next week. If you’re have a 1452, the second install problem I ran
into was Advanced Power Management.  Do not install this, or your
system will hang.

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disk image file extraction

I downloaded all the FP40 disk images.
My floppy drive is broke.

What do I use to extract the files so I can run SERVICE on it?

fri… Oppliger) KE6VDA

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ThinkPad 600 E and DIVE

Dear OS/2-friends,

    Can anybody help me with this problem? I have an IBM ThinkPad 600 E
with a NeoMagic 256 AV video controller (I am using the latest
OS/2-drivers from IBM).  I’m having trouble running certain games in
OS/2, for example Entrepeneur  and B.U.G.S. The screen colors are very
funny, almost like a color negative. I have been advised to perform an
operation similar to turning off EnDIVE (Matrox), but how do I do this
on my machine?

    Any help would be deeply appreciated.



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Problem printing to LexMark Optra Color 40

I am having a problem printing to my LexMark Optra Color 40.  I have
PMView 1.05, and I am trying to print an image as a poster.  The
original image is about 2200×3200 (wxh), and I am trying to print it,
in color, at a size of 28 inches x 40-some odd inches.

Here is the error that my printer produces:

ERROR: limitcheck



This error is printed on the document, and a little bit of the image is
printed from the first page only.  I have turned spooling on and off,
and I have this in my config.sys:


My swap file is very large (128MB).  I have varied some of the printer
settings for PostScript Level 1 compatibility.

I can print images if they are small.  I printed out this image at 4
inches (width) by 5 inches (or so).

I really want to get this figured out, as I am using this poster for my
Halloween costume (I am going as a playing card).

I have the September 1999 version of the Lexmark driver.


-Marco A. Morales

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Who's Got Best SCSI Card for OS/2


Is Adaptec really supporting OS/2 or do they have
quicky/crappy drivers?

Who really has a good OS/2 & Linux supported scsi card?
Which is a good one?
and which is a lesser expensive scsi-2 card?

I saw a note saying DPT dropped support for their newer UW2 cards
and ICP-Vortex from Germany fully supports OS/2 (but who sells those

Please email and newsgroup.


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Dialer app like INJOY for NT???

Hello all,
Forgive me for asking such a thing here, but I really like Injoy and
am searching for something half as useful for my NT partition.  Do
any of you multi-boot types out there have a recommendation?  
Xtralarge OS/2 fan

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