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MMOS2 & Toshiba 220CDS

I’m trying to get MMOS2 (Warp 4) to work on my Toshiba 220 CDS. (Yamaha
chipset). Selective Install thinks I have and SBPro and a Crystal 4231.
(Doesn’t work). I do have the correct drivers from Toshiba and they do work.

Here’s what I’ve tried and what happened:

Chose defaults and installed SBPro & Crystal drivers and MMOS2 via Selective
Install (double checked irq and port settings to match those set in system
bios). No errors on boot up, but no work either.

Installed SBPro alone. Same result.

Same for Crystal drivers alone.

Installed Toshiba/Yamaha drivers via MINSTALL, rem’d out SB drivers. This
worked, sort of. I had two of each device listed in MM setup (audio device
one, audio device two, etc). System sounds worked OK once the correct defaults
were set, but my network card stopped working (3Com 562 PCMCIA Ethernet +
Modem).  Never was able to use any of the MM players for wave or midi files.
AVI player died and hung the system.

CD-Audio worked for all configurations. System is Warp 4, FP4. FP4 (base OS
only) applied *before* MMOS2 installed. Could this be a problem? Should I
install the MM portion of FP4?

I suspect that my problems were related to having two ‘hacked’ installs of
MMOS2, and I’d like to try again to get a clean install from scratch.
Currently, I’ve uninstalled all of MMOS2, deleted all files, drivers and
references in config.sys. Network card works again. (I checked for IRQ and
other conflicts, found none).

So… What is the correct procedure for installing MMOS2 with a sound chipset
that is not supported by OS/2? Can I do an MMSO2 install with no sound card
drivers, then add the drivers with MINSTALL? Selective Install appears to
offer no opportunity to load drivers other than the ones that ship with Warp.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Whitelaw                               tel: +1.403.414.6664
jim-at-pdsys-dot-com                       fax: +1.403.484.9239
Pathways Data Systems Inc.       
   "It is best to assume that the network is filled with
    malevolent entities that will send packets designed to
    have the worst possible effect."    - F.Baker, RFC1812

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