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Warp and Warp w/win

  What are the differences between OS2 WARP and the With win version? Doesn’t
Windows run on OS2 warp already though?

Thanx for any clue, ED

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         What are the differences between OS2 WARP and the With win version? Doesn’t
       Windows run on OS2 warp already though?

       Thanx for any clue, ED


     Warp for Windows is Warp which does not contain any windows code; it
    relies on the preloaded version of Windows in the system so that if
    you need to run a Windows based program, you must have windows installed.

     Warp FullPack does not require Windows to be installed: it has its
    own version of Windows (called Win-Os/2).

     Apparently, Win-Os/2 is marginally faster than Windows (about 10%)
    due to the fact that IBM recompiled Windows using a better compiler
    than Microsoft’s. However, this should not be the main motivation for
    deciding which version you need.

     If you are like me and do not own a copy of Windows, you may want to
    buy the Fullpack version. A potential drawback is that you will have
    to wait for an upgrade longer than those who own Os/2 for windows
    because IBM likes to service them first, and I believe rightly so,
    given the current market configuration. The consolation prize you win
    is a more stable version with fewer bugs.

     On the other hand, if you need or want to have a separate copy of
    Windows and Dos, then you may want to go with Os/2 for windows.



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